Out Of His Head

Dark Ambient, Ambient, Experimental
Sadayatana Podcast #222
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Their [the stars] influence on our fate is considerably less than the influence of a banana peel, on which you can slip and break your leg. But there is no interest in banana peels, whereas serious periodicals include horoscopes [...] It lifts his spirits. The whole universe revolves around him, and even if things aren't going well, even if the stars are lined up in such a way that the suspenders manufacturer loses his shirt and the individual consequently loses his job, it's still more comforting than to know that the stars don't really give a damn. Knock astrology out of his head, and the belief too that the cactus on his windowsill cares about him, and what is left? Barefoot, naked despair.

- Stanislaw Lem, Peace on Earth (1987)

00:00Alan Morse DaviesPhonautograph 1859
02:32Alan Morse DaviesPhonautograph 1860
03:40Alan Morse DaviesY Bardd Glas Geraint
38:06sokpb avabodhathe long trip
54:46Emerald RustlingAir Drone
70:56Emerald RustlingLight Flow
86:34Emerald RustlingSoftscape
108:46Emerald RustlingCloud Kub
146:36Oum KalthoumUnknown