Dark to Dark

Dark Ambient, Experimental, Drone
Sadayatana Podcast #197
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And as he lay there a far crack of lightning went bluely down the sky and bequeathed him in an embryonic bird's first fissured vision of the world and transpiring instant and outrageous from dark to dark a final view of the grotto and the shapeless white plasm struggling upon the rich and incunabular moss like a lank swamp hare.

- Cormac McCarthy, Outer Dark (1968)

00:00Deleno na NulaElectric Mantra
05:22f l o dEulogia 2
11:01Psychic HybridFinding The Hidden Pathway
28:06christian doilastrolabium
34:28christian doildas wesen der zeit
47:38Marc-Henri ArfeuxStudy Of Black Matter
62:31christian doilraumzeit
68:23Earthly BeastsErebus
74:45Marc-Henri ArfeuxStudy Of White Matter
117:56Emiliano HernĂ¡ndez-SantanaLlano
128:44christian doilvakuum