The Crimson Cabaret

Dark Ambient, Drone, Experimental
Sadayatana Podcast #187
Average Bitrate: 127kbps mp3
Cover: worldoflard
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Sometimes, when I was sitting in the Crimson Cabaret on a rainy night, I thought of myself as occupying a waiting room for the abyss (which of course was exactly what I was doing) and between sips from my glass of wine or cup of coffee I smiled sadly and touched the front pocket of my coat where I kept my imaginary ticket to oblivion.

- Thomas Ligotti, Teatro Grottesco (2006)

07:07Synaptic NecropolisEcho Into Void (EI-Reflection)
11:20Steam flowIndifference
23:45Mescaline SessionsCaravan Mirage
69:12Stefan PaulusHyphae
73:40Mescaline SessionsDesert Dwellers
83:43Mescaline SessionsImaginary Oasis
110:31IcosteSave Me From The Voices
119:01Mescaline SessionsStars of Sahara
119:32Mescaline SessionsUnder the Sun