The Wandering Soul

Dark Ambient, Drone, Soundscapes
Sadayatana Podcast #179
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At night the choppers buzz the bamboo roof of the jungle, dumping from three thousand feet to little more than a hundred, circling, climbing, circling again, no LZ to land in, no casualties to pick up. Above the roar of the rotorwash come the shrieks of the damned: wails, moans, plaintive cries of Vietnamese. It’s real William Castle stuff, weird sounds and screaming meemies, but even knowing it’s coming from a tape recorder, even hearing the static hiss of the loudspeakers mounted on the Hueys, it still spooks the shit out of the VC. “The Wandering Soul,” it’s called—the sounds of dead Cong, their bodies not given a proper burial, their spirits helplessly wandering the earth. Psychological warfare. Inner Sanctum meets Vietnam. Down in the tunnels Charlie hears it, knows it’s a con, tries to sleep but can’t, the damn stuff goes on half the night. The wails grow louder the lower the choppers fly, then trail off, to suitably eerie effect, as they climb away. Until the next chopper comes with its cargo of souls in a box.

- Alan Brennert, Ma Qui

00:00FornaxUFO Presence [Interior Disposition Remix]
12:13FornaxCrop Circles Fields
17:43FornaxFear Telekinez
33:52Reverse Projection800mts
37:16FoselAsterope Dimension
42:25Reverse ProjectionOld Potion
46:42Reverse ProjectionCeniza
70:20FornaxCattle Mutilation
76:24Edu ComellesAfterMascleta_16_03_Colon
87:58Edu ComellesDesperta_Beni
89:40Enoch's visionThe edge of eternity
98:05Tree HelicopterThe Numbest Station
125:59Irene West Royal HawaiiansKilima Waltz