Enchanting Traumas

Dark Ambient, Drone, Experimental
Sadayatana Podcast #178
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It was to be a quick peek through a hand-wide crack, but enough to risk disillusionment and the dispersal of all the enchanting traumas he had articulated in his brain and his books, scattering them like those peculiar shadows he supposed lingered in that room. And the voices—would he hear their hissing which heralded her presence in a zone swirling with roping shapes? He kept his eyes fixed upon his hand on the doorknob, turning it gently to nudge open the door. So the first thing he saw was the way it, his hand, took on a rosy dawn-like glow, then a deeper twilight crimson as it was bathed more directly by the odd illumination within the room.

- Thomas Ligotti, The Medusa (1994)

0:00Scott LawlorRain 3
20:22L'Horrible PassionLucidique (or how to die in the arms of a beloved one)
29:55MuhrIntro ( The fall )
32:22MuhrDessous le mur de planck
38:59SunDummySpanish Moss
53:41PalancarA Profound Asymmetry
103:03L'Horrible PassionApatheia (or the story of a girl trapped in a world of madness)
111:35L'Horrible PassionMnemosine (or how to lose your eyes to never see the light again)
121:19Erik Satie & Peter JGnossiennes/La 1 ere. Lent