Superficial and Relative

Dark Ambient, Drone, Experimental
Sadayatana Podcast #165
Average Bitrate: 146kbps mp3
Cover: Sarah
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....You were not there for The Beginning. You will not be there for The End.... Your knowledge of what is going on can only be superficial and relative....

- William S. Burroughs, Naked Lunch (1959)

00:00Emerald RustlingBecomes A Breeding Ground
00:02Emerald RustlingWay Into The Particles
01:37Emerald RustlingNails Of Water
04:02Dream TwicePart 2
06:14Emerald RustlingPrayer Soil
09:55Emerald RustlingTopgallant
14:44Dream TwicePart 1
17:14Dream TwicePart 3
20:29Emerald RustlingOrange Wasteland
23:01Emerald RustlingMain Decomposition
29:27Desh AlbLoss of Endurance
35:35Drust IV & UllapulAs I Lay Dying
41:38PolluxOcean Eclipse
48:29The Implicit Order1974 In Reverse
76:42Grove Of Whispers2014-01-10