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Dark Ambient, Drone, Experimental
Sadayatana Podcast #167
Average Bitrate: 129kbps mp3
Cover: Guian Bolisay
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Direct URL: Endless
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At the surface - it was white death. Death of a needle-fingered cold driven before the wind, sucking heat from any warm thing. Cold - and white mist of endless, everlasting drift, the fine, fine particles of licking snow that obscured all things.

- John W. Campbell, Jr., Who Goes There? (1938)

00:00Anastasia VronskiCold Night
05:50Chris Whiteheadabandoned Magnesium Works Hartlepool
14:25Ivan BlackImmersion
16:18Hope Every DayNavigating In The Sea (Where Anything Can Happen)
26:25Hope Every DayThe Beginning And The End Of Everything
27:21Ajna & Dronny Darko1000 Years of Cryosleep
63:48Grove of Whispers2014-01-24

A Sweet Ache

Dark Ambient, Drone, Experimental
Sadayatana Podcast #166
Average Bitrate: 135kbps mp3
Cover: MacabraProductions
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Direct URL: A Sweet Ache
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A carnival in daylight is an unfinished beast, anyway. Rain makes it a ghost. The wheezing music from the empty, motionless rides in a soggy, rained-out afternoon midway always hit my chest with a sweet ache. The colored dance of lights in the seeping air flashed the puddles in the sawdust with an oily glamour.

- Katherine Dunn, Geek Love (1989)

00:00Stuart ChalmersWaking / Rebirth
10:00Willy StamatiResponsorium
18:13DARKSTAR83Twilight On The Still Water
22:22DARKSTAR83Birds Can Fall In Love
29:52Blank SphereAnxiety Pt.1
44:29Wings of an AngelHighway 90 - From The Dead Sea of Galilee To Beit She'an
73:39Grove of Whispers2014-01-17 (featuring Amir Baghiri)
118:02DARKSTAR83Black Ink
124:59The Implicit OrderFlowers Of Evil
127:27The Implicit OrderThe D'ampton Wyrm
130:35The Implicit OrderWhich Side Are You On?
141:42The Implicit OrderOne Night Stand
149:55The Implicit OrderI Just Dropped In
155:13Willy StamatiOffertorium
160:31Willy StamatiGraduale
162:54cdrxRock'n'roll station
175:42Willy StamatiIntroit

Superficial and Relative

Dark Ambient, Drone, Experimental
Sadayatana Podcast #165
Average Bitrate: 146kbps mp3
Cover: Sarah
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....You were not there for The Beginning. You will not be there for The End.... Your knowledge of what is going on can only be superficial and relative....

- William S. Burroughs, Naked Lunch (1959)

00:00Emerald RustlingBecomes A Breeding Ground
00:02Emerald RustlingWay Into The Particles
01:37Emerald RustlingNails Of Water
04:02Dream TwicePart 2
06:14Emerald RustlingPrayer Soil
09:55Emerald RustlingTopgallant
14:44Dream TwicePart 1
17:14Dream TwicePart 3
20:29Emerald RustlingOrange Wasteland
23:01Emerald RustlingMain Decomposition
29:27Desh AlbLoss of Endurance
35:35Drust IV & UllapulAs I Lay Dying
41:38PolluxOcean Eclipse
48:29The Implicit Order1974 In Reverse
76:42Grove Of Whispers2014-01-10

The Moon Garden

Dark Ambient, Drone, Experimental
Sadayatana Podcast #164
Average Bitrate: 134kbps mp3
Cover: Sarabbit
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Direct URL: The Moon Garden
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...And surely I stopped very sudden; for she gripped me in that moment, and her hand shook as she held me; but when I would ask her what ailed, she bid me, very breathless, to say on, to say on. And, with a half understanding, I told her that I had but meant to speak of the Moon Garden, that was an olden and happy fancy of mine.

- William Hope Hodgson, The Night Land (1912)

01:39Head JointShapes (Inspired By The Music Of Klaus Schulze)
21:25_Algol_HD 40307
55:28Head JointThree Shapes (Inspired By The Music Of Klaus Schulze)
70:19_Algol_Gliese 581g
106:29Ptarkh & SiJHalls Of Anxiety Darkness
178:38Kecap TuyulFall in your fall