Silent Country

Drone, Dark Ambient, Experimental
Sadayatana Podcast #159
Average Bitrate: 142kbps mp3
Cover: Heather Wizell
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...Perhaps the logical question to ask at this point is: Why go? The answer is that when a man has been there and undergone the baptism of solitude he can't help himself. Once he has been under the spell of the vast luminous, silent country, no other place is quite strong enough for him, no other surroundings can provide the supremely satisfying sensation of existing in the midst of something that is absolute. He will go back, whatever the cost in time or money, for the absolute has no price.

- Paul Bowles, Their Heads are Green and Their Hands are Blue: Scenes from the Non-Christian World

00:00Measureless PaintingСтремление к совершенству (Aspiration For Perfection)
01:41The LargeSmall Galaxies
17:42Disturbed EarthBuoy
28:33Disturbed EarthWonderland demo (unreleased)
29:07Disturbed EarthWonderland demo 2 (unreleased)
37:22Akoustik Timbre FrekuencySamadhi
47:35Disturbed EarthHotel
52:26Disturbed EarthJalousie
78:39onewayness145.775 MHz Repetidor
83:08Backyard GhostTumulus
90:47The LargeOval Verdict
104:30Another AntidotePieces You Can't Sew
112:09Grove of Whispers2013-11-16
119:08Backyard GhostStrigoi
128:38Grove of Whispers (featuring pixyblink)Night Window
136:34Grove of Whispers (featuring pixyblink)Carmilla
147:11SM/SMAcherontic Crypt
154:41Scott LawlorMeadows Of Summer
167:52PalancarInversion Of Control
169:23CAFDub 1 (edit 3)
175:13AltocumulusEvelyn in the Desert
180:59Scott LawlorWonderland: Alice
184:49Suspense OTRR SetSuspense 600320 845 Talk About Caruso (64-32) 11373 24m05s
187:16Enrico CarusoTosca, E lucevan le stelle (April 1903)
189:34Scott LawlorThe Space Between The Leaves