Shadow of Decay

Drone, Experimental, Dark Ambient
Sadayatana Podcast #157
Average Bitrate: 143kbps mp3
Cover: Vipul Mathur
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All life is fundamentally & inextricably sad, with the perpetual snatching away of all the chance combinations of image & vista & mood that we become attached to, & the perpetual encroachment of the shadow of decay upon illusions of expansion & liberation which buoyed us up & spurred us on in youth.

- H. P. Lovecraft, Letter to Frank Belknap Long (27 February 1931)

00:00Ars Sonorreturn of the unborn
02:15The Implicit OrderNight Wandering
09:20Bird Paradigmashroud
14:08Willy StamatiMeeting of Two Lonely People
21:02elizabeth VeldonI remember horror movies (for walter rizzati and lucio fulci)
23:39Ulises LabaronnieBRANAS
44:17Alan Morse DaviesNocturne [Grieg] (Mischa Elman & Josef Bonime, 1919)
62:14Alan Morse DaviesY Bardd Glas Geraint
94:31Grove of Whispers2013-10-27
121:15Grove of Whispers2013-10-31 (Live on Halloween)
145:11Perceptual DefenceWalking Inside The Changing Rooms
152:01Scott LawlorWinter Rain
170:30Alan Morse DaviesKvitøya