A Kind of Fog

Dark Ambient, Experimental, Noise
Sadayatana Podcast #144
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All men are stuck in a kind of fog. They're surrounded by a wall of fog. They think this is perfectly normal, but it's not. It means that since they can't see much beyond their own little situation, they tend to vegetate. They need some immediate stimulus to keep them alert.

- Colin Wilson, "The Black Room" (1975)

00:00The Dark ConspiracyA' Phìob Mhòr
07:38SonoprintGlitch Paintings
13:25Vladimir HirschChiasmas
16:08The Nanook IncidentThe Nanook Incident
21:01Wings of an AngelThe Golem Is Mourning The Loss Of Its Beloved Group Of Hasidim... (Inspired By Ancient Jewish Folktales)
33:32HeadJoint , Jorgensen & MartinsenAmbient Experiment 1
37:12Hypnotic ImplantSon Of The Syringe
49:00Red FogThe Black & Red Lodge
58:20Vladimir HirschEisodos
64:48Impsetprofonde lumieres
65:36Wings of an AngelIf We Could Only Foresee How Frightening Old Age Is, We Would Probably Never Get Old
86:59Red FogDoppler Sabotage
102:00Digital MassShatter Drops
118:28Aevum SpiritusInfinite Depression
121:04Grove of WhispersThe Kundalin Vortex
142:27Wings of an AngelKambo Medicina (Inspired By The Joys & Ills Of Western Colonialism)
150:34Red FogMemory Of The Ferrofluids
163:25Grove of WhispersLive 2013-08-01
169:07Wings Of An AngelLife Must Be Based On A Different Foundation Or Else... Yet Another Civilization Will Sink Into Oblivion
173:42Wings Of An AngelWhen Earth Had Become A Wasteland And The Universe Had Smashed Into Splinters Of Dead Light