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Unity of Everything

Dark Ambient, Drone, Experimental
Sadayatana Podcast #147
Average Bitrate: 145kbps mp3
Cover: vintagedept
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Objective knowledge, the idea of unity included, belongs to objective consciousness. The forms which express this knowledge when perceived by subjective consciousness are inevitably distorted and, instead of truth, they create more and more delusions. With objective consciousness it is possible to see and feel the unity of everything. But for subjective consciousness the world is split up into millions of separate and unconnected phenomena. Attempts to connect these phenomena into some sort of system in a scientific or philosophical way lead to nothing because man cannot reconstruct the idea of the whole starting from separate facts and they cannot divine the principles of the division of the whole without knowing the laws upon which this division is based.

- G. I. Gurdjieff, "In Search Of The Miraculous" (1949)

01:08Shane MorrisVidgelmir Cave
22:01Ajna & Dronny DarkoThe Strange Demeanor of Solitude II / Dronny Darko Remix
34:56A.T.M.O.M.Иткуль (Itkul)
39:05Red CloudsPatterns are converging
76:02SiJ & Creation VISecret Room
84:46Scott LawlorRain 1
130:44Ran KirlianThe Shape of Memories
162:08Creation Of Birds & SomniumNaked Cold / Naked Dawn
177:28Peer SaerSneeuwlandschap III

The Absence

Dark Ambient, Experimental, Drone
Sadayatana Podcast #146
Average Bitrate: 145kbps mp3
Cover: Pam Link
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My friend Peter Schmidt used to talk about ‘not doing the things that nobody had ever thought of not doing’, which is an inverse process – where you leave out an assumption that everybody has always made and see what happens (e.g. music has to be made of intentionally produced sounds was the assumption that Cage left out). In that version of this process, you discover a value in the absence of something ­– in fact you discover that the absence of something is the revelation of something else...

- Brian Eno, "A Year With Swollen Appendices" (1996)

00:00K.M.KrebsRain I
14:07Kevin LyonsZirconium
27:12Bagryanii SchliachUltima Thule
39:01GasgruelPart I - Inwardness
40:12Inner StruggleSalvation
49:47Addamz and Abhorrent BeautyCollision
51:52Synaptic Necropolis[Songs For Tranquility] (CF-Voice)
53:53Jack HertzStrontium-90
60:38Backyard GhostBlack Mass
70:04EizegerLand of the Dead
102:03foselonly the snow can begin to explain (adrián juárez remix)
103:46Jack HertzCheshire Girls
109:10foselwhite as a blasted tree
110:40Grove Of Whispers2013-08-11 (featuring guitar drones by Scott Lawlor)
160:58Grove Of Whispers2013-08-16 (raiding while Tange was away)
171:59Grove Of Whispers2013-08-07
176:38Willie RossWhistle o'er the lave o't

Unfinished Dream

Dark Ambient, Experimental, Noise
Sadayatana Podcast #145
Average Bitrate: 124kbps mp3
Cover: FM Era
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Were not the longing of the sad old men for the unfinished dream, the regret for days lost without ever being had, concealed in the secret of this house?

- Yasunari Kawabata, "The House of the Sleeping Beauties" (1961)

00:00SenmuthEmptiness of Nun's Chaotic Waters
02:12Item CaligoThey all smiled
11:37BulkrateInto the portal of doom
19:21Seetycathe invention of sorrowe
109:52SM/SMThe Way Down
135:49SlutmachineInching Glaciers
136:30C. Reider & DesohllFalling Into Disrepair
163:08Blank SphereDark Matter
175:58Evan WilliamsO Paradise, L'Africaine, Meyerbeer

A Kind of Fog

Dark Ambient, Experimental, Noise
Sadayatana Podcast #144
Average Bitrate: 113kbps mp3
Cover: Dru!
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Direct URL: A Kind of Fog
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All men are stuck in a kind of fog. They're surrounded by a wall of fog. They think this is perfectly normal, but it's not. It means that since they can't see much beyond their own little situation, they tend to vegetate. They need some immediate stimulus to keep them alert.

- Colin Wilson, "The Black Room" (1975)

00:00The Dark ConspiracyA' Phìob Mhòr
07:38SonoprintGlitch Paintings
13:25Vladimir HirschChiasmas
16:08The Nanook IncidentThe Nanook Incident
21:01Wings of an AngelThe Golem Is Mourning The Loss Of Its Beloved Group Of Hasidim... (Inspired By Ancient Jewish Folktales)
33:32HeadJoint , Jorgensen & MartinsenAmbient Experiment 1
37:12Hypnotic ImplantSon Of The Syringe
49:00Red FogThe Black & Red Lodge
58:20Vladimir HirschEisodos
64:48Impsetprofonde lumieres
65:36Wings of an AngelIf We Could Only Foresee How Frightening Old Age Is, We Would Probably Never Get Old
86:59Red FogDoppler Sabotage
102:00Digital MassShatter Drops
118:28Aevum SpiritusInfinite Depression
121:04Grove of WhispersThe Kundalin Vortex
142:27Wings of an AngelKambo Medicina (Inspired By The Joys & Ills Of Western Colonialism)
150:34Red FogMemory Of The Ferrofluids
163:25Grove of WhispersLive 2013-08-01
169:07Wings Of An AngelLife Must Be Based On A Different Foundation Or Else... Yet Another Civilization Will Sink Into Oblivion
173:42Wings Of An AngelWhen Earth Had Become A Wasteland And The Universe Had Smashed Into Splinters Of Dead Light