Stories and Visions

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Sadayatana Podcast #135
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There are not many persons who know what wonders are opened to them in the stories and visions of their youth; for when as children we listen and dream, we think but half-formed thoughts, and when as men we try to remember, we are dulled and prosaic with the poison of life. But some of us awake in the night with strange phantasms of enchanted hills and gardens, of fountains that sing in the sun, of golden cliffs overhanging murmuring seas, of plains that stretch down to sleeping cities of bronze and stone, and of shadowy companies of heroes that ride caparisoned white horses along the edges of thick forests; and then we know that we have looked back through the ivory gates into that world of wonder which was ours before we were wise and unhappy.

- --H. P. Lovecraft, "Celephaïs" - (November 1920)

00:00Blue Sausage InfantFata Morgana
03:45J. SurakSeven Girls
09:48Steam flowThe Ocean
38:34shinichiroaThe 1st wave
41:41Bing SatellitesThe Beach
47:50shinichiroaThe 2nd wave
48:48Dronny DarkoVapour Ghosts
53:31Scott LawlorDark Mind
59:45Joe FrawleyWilhelmina's Dream (2008 remix)
65:46shinichiroaThe 3rd wave
69:02L'Horrible PassionLucidique (or how to die in the arms of a beloved one)
78:34Wings of an AngelBiranit
82:58MuhrSiestes Tragiques
88:34Seance noireMes nuits sont plus belles que vos jours 1
90:11Wings of an AngelLebanon
100:42L'Horrible PassionApatheia (or the story of a girl trapped in a world of madness)
106:45Dronny DarkoThe Spirit Of Nikopol
115:33Materia ConfusaE.V.P.
119:19Bing SatellitesRubicon
126:16Wings Of An AngelWashing My Sins With Star Dust
127:29MuhrDe La Gouache Dans Le Ciel
132:48Wings Of An AngelBlossoming Into Another Reality
133:04L'Horrible PassionMnemosine (or how to lose your eyes to never see the light again)
139:01Wings Of An AngelMajestic Black Splendor
141:16Bing SatellitesEncounter
146:12MorpheusPraying under the neon lights of Babylon
153:59Wings Of An AngelThe Black Sun Shone Over The Dead City With A Post-Apocalyptical Beauty... But There Was No One Left To Witness The Last Remains Of Postmodernism
156:41ViktoriannaViktorianna I
156:58Wings Of An AngelThus Spoke The Enlightened Indigo Children
160:37Stillborn GhostsNothing To Say
164:49J. SurakGates Open
171:31Kristus KutI Kissed Her In A Wonderful Bad Dream
174:30John TocherThe Riddle (unreleased prototype)
176:54Dugald McNeillThere's nane like Jesus