Exquisite Thing

Dark Ambient, Drone, Noise
Sadayatana Podcast #132
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Behind every exquisite thing that existed, there was something tragic. Worlds had to be in travail, that the meanest flower might blow.

- --Oscar Wilde, The Picture of Dorian Gray (April, 1891)

00:00AloardiAV2 - 6.59.99
08:47Enrico Coniglio/GFRSabbion (14'40'')
21:38Alozeau and Miquel PareraA Cold Void
29:57Wings of an AngelTherein Hide My Beautiful Shadows Of Self Destruction (Your Tenderness Cannot Save Me Anymore...)
33:59Wings of an AngelKadosh, Kadosh, Kadosh (The Gruesome Resurrection Of All The Dead Messiahs)
39:28Red FogElectric Skulls In The Frozen Sea
41:48Wings of an AngelThe Ancient Art Of Depression (Engulfed In Unspeakable Sadness, As Though Silence Had Lost Its Voice)
53:27AnantaI Sit And Listen While My Mind Is Wandering
58:45Jack HertzStreaming Landscape
144:35AchondarSpire of the Dead
169:16Peer SaerVuurtoren III 7.28/11.57
173:14shinichiroaThe Last Wave