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Realm of Nothingness

Experimental, Dark Ambient, Drone
Sadayatana Podcast #134
Average Bitrate: 148kbps mp3
Cover: kruzul
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The Zen disciple sits for long hours silent and motionless, with his eyes closed. Presently he enters a state of impassivity, free from all ideas and all thoughts. He departs from the self and enters the realm of nothingness. This is not the nothingness or the emptiness of the West. It is rather the reverse, a universe of the spirit in which everything communicates freely with everything, transcending bounds, limitless. There are of course masters of Zen, and the disciple is brought toward enlightenment by exchanging questions and answers with his master, and he studies the scriptures. The disciple must, however, always be lord of his own thoughts, and must attain enlightenment through his own efforts. And the emphasis is less upon reason and argument than upon intuition, immediate feeling. Enlightenment comes not from teaching but through the eye awakened inwardly. Truth is in 'the discarding of words', it lies 'outside words'. And so we have the extreme of 'silence like thunder', in the Vimalakirti Nirdesa Sutra.

- --Yasunari Kawabata, "Japan, the Beautiful and Myself" (1969)

05:33System MorgueAbyssus
11:41Grove of WhispersWithout a Strong Impulse for The Violence of Committee Meetings
19:21Alan Morse Davies & MysterybearWe Persist
33:36System MorgueLux
35:41Vladimír HirschNenia
40:07cdrxThe Same Sunday Afternoon As The Others
42:59Neur(o)nDark spot
62:23Alan Morse Davies & MysterybearSing Men and Women!
74:29Crystal DreamsGarden Stove
84:38Vladimír HirschAmorphea I
86:53KayakaRoad Frogs
92:49Neur(o)nMagentic Chaos
94:09KayakaThey danced the Armadillo
102:23Cryogenic WeekendCave Theory
112:55Cryogenic WeekendEnenra
123:40Alan Morse Davies & MysterybearSing Woman! #1
137:29MescaliburIncandescence ARN
143:12Cryogenic WeekendDiaphragm
153:46Cryogenic WeekendInner World Subway
158:40Alan Morse Davies & MysterybearSing Man! #1
169:45Saluki RegicideThe Desire to Live
173:29Stephen BriggsLost in Time...
177:10Christopher AlvaradoA Glass Of Darkness

Age of Science

Dark Ambient, Drone, Experimental
Sadayatana Podcast #133
Average Bitrate: 130kbps mp3
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A long time ago, man would listen in amazement to the sound of regular beats in his chest, never suspecting what they were. He was unable to identify himself with so alien and unfamiliar an object as the body. The body was a cage, and inside that cage was something which looked, listened, feared, thought, and marveled; that something, that remainder left over after the body had been accounted for, was the soul.
Today, of course, the body is no longer unfamiliar: we know that the beating in our chest is the heart and that the nose is the nozzle of a hose sticking out of the body to take oxygen to the lungs. The face is nothing but an instrument panel registering all the body mechanisms: digestion, sight, hearing, respiration, thought.
Ever since man has learned to give each part of the body a name, the body has given him less trouble. He has also learned that the soul is nothing more than the gray matter of the brain in action. The old duality of body and soul has become shrouded in scientific terminology, and we can laugh at it as merely an obsolete prejudice.
But just make someone who has fallen in love listen to his stomach rumble, and the unity of body and soul, that lyrical illusion of the age of science, instantly fades away.

- --Milan Kundera, The Unbearable Lightness of Being (1982)

02:33Swaying SmokeBoundless Subterranes Master
10:55R. LobsterCausa MTR
14:29Red FogBeyond The Halogen Halls
20:09Cousin SilasDronescape 006
28:102600Franck Vigroux
34:11raging toothJulie Rousse
43:16Duncan GoddardTime Lag Accumulator
49:13Red FogConsumed By Ink
66:11Malevolent Alien BeingDark Planet I
77:48Ловец СновAround Us/Dead Earth
95:21Meatgrinder RomanceRevenge Of The Animals II
105:53Malevolent Alien BeingDark Planet II
112:16A.T.M.O.M.Тропы (Paths)
120:06Salakapakka Sound SystemHeat wave
123:27Grove Of Whispers2013-05-16
159:33Gabriel IntroviniEl culto al sol
166:19Jhones JunkieNecropsia Sociales
172:02Jhones JunkieMuertos vivos
175:02Peer SaerBatch of flying tongues
177:49Nina TarasovaKalinka

Exquisite Thing

Dark Ambient, Drone, Noise
Sadayatana Podcast #132
Average Bitrate: 137kbps mp3
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Behind every exquisite thing that existed, there was something tragic. Worlds had to be in travail, that the meanest flower might blow.

- --Oscar Wilde, The Picture of Dorian Gray (April, 1891)

00:00AloardiAV2 - 6.59.99
08:47Enrico Coniglio/GFRSabbion (14'40'')
21:38Alozeau and Miquel PareraA Cold Void
29:57Wings of an AngelTherein Hide My Beautiful Shadows Of Self Destruction (Your Tenderness Cannot Save Me Anymore...)
33:59Wings of an AngelKadosh, Kadosh, Kadosh (The Gruesome Resurrection Of All The Dead Messiahs)
39:28Red FogElectric Skulls In The Frozen Sea
41:48Wings of an AngelThe Ancient Art Of Depression (Engulfed In Unspeakable Sadness, As Though Silence Had Lost Its Voice)
53:27AnantaI Sit And Listen While My Mind Is Wandering
58:45Jack HertzStreaming Landscape
144:35AchondarSpire of the Dead
169:16Peer SaerVuurtoren III 7.28/11.57
173:14shinichiroaThe Last Wave

One Step Ahead

Dark Ambient, Drone, Noise
Sadayatana Podcast #131
Average Bitrate: 140kbps mp3
Cover: montillustrato
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By and large, horror fiction is the most difficult to domesticate because part of the point is that it's one step ahead – or behind – everybody else's taste. And I'm not really convinced I'd like it to change. There's something very healthy about horror fiction being always a little bit on the outside. It's the wild-dog genre.

- Clive Barker, The Advocate (Feb. 21, 1995)

00:00Grove Of WhispersThere Are No Records
04:04DRPolar Lights
07:36Steam flowGloomy Mansion
22:17NORDLYS[M O R T I F Y] Official
25:15Cousin Silasdronescape 005
49:02Shane MorrisApproaching Singularity
54:13DRUntitled Drone
56:00Shane MorrisCatalyst
69:11The Implicit OrderSherry (Car Wheels On A Gravel Road)
77:35Ars Sonor(Fnord)
84:30Grove of WhispersA Myriad of Colors And Blasphemies
89:18The Implicit OrderEvery Year 1000's Of Young People Disappear
93:37LuciftiasA Flash of Red
110:46SubseasonSubseason: III
122:39BulkrateInto the portal of doom
139:13Transparent Body[txr045] Black Lights From The Wandering Stars - 04.Light #4
149:11SubseasonOcean (remixed)
157:57NORDLYS[R E S T O R E] Official
163:35Herr Schmitd hat Krachcrawl
176:14Dance OrchestraBlue Danube Waltz (1905)