Whirlpool of Strangers

Dark Ambient, Drone, Experimental
Sadayatana Podcast #119
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In a corner of the concourse, by the main entrance, there was a small newsstand. The owner, a quiet, courteous old man with an air of breeding, had stood behind his counter for twenty years. He had owned a cigarette factory once, but it had gone bankrupt, and he had resigned himself to the lonely obscurity of his little stand in the midst of an eternal whirlpool of strangers. He had no family or friends left alive.

- Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged (1957)

00:00Ice Guild KaiserRain 1
38:10John Tocher[LIVE] Grove of Whispers
61:27DjinnestanRain 3
68:05John Tocher[LIVE] Grove of Whispers
92:36AlphaxoneOut of Depth
94:58nordbeckThe Palatine Light
106:13Tree HelicopterDoctor's Gonna Do
121:05John Tocher[LIVE] Grove of Whispers
121:15Grove of WhispersBruja (unreleased)
134:51Ars SonorMorning Blues
138:18Grove of Whispers (featuring pixyblink)Carmilla
144:31JargunaPost Tenebris
157:41John Tocher[LIVE] Grove of Whispers
178:44Judith Peacock CummingsO tha n tombaca daor / Am buachaille dubh Fionnghail