This Hypnagogic Condition

Dark Ambient, Experimental, Drone
Sadayatana Podcast #117
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Cover: Joy Garnett (archive)
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This hypnagogic condition. Attention-faculty diminished so that twilight state obtains; world seen merely in symbolic, archetypal aspect, totally confused with unconscious material.

- Philip K. Dick, The Man in the High Castle (1962)

00:00elizabeth veldonmilngavie to carbeth
01:30Thomas BesleyNiche constructions
10:32Caroline McKenziedid i really think i was safer in the dark?
29:21Grove of WhispersGrove of Whispers 2013-01-25
40:56Caroline McKenziefive regrets of the dying
56:09elizabeth veldonraising a ghost
60:52Headcleaner & The Implicit OrderSeance (A Long Talk With The Dead)
69:24i AM esperThe Passage: Entering A New Dimension
83:49Grove of WhispersGrove of Whispers 2013-01-24
87:16elizabeth veldonfor the m8 which kills the sky when you climb the steps of anderston train station
98:55MystifiedJourney 3
115:35Nux Vomicakuhreihen
126:27thee psionic assemblybut they plan to awaken this great sleeper
131:40Nux Vomicacoercive force
138:59elizabeth veldonthey painted it blue to hide it from the sky (the m74)
143:47Aois-DubhThe Boys Who Met the Trolls in the Hedal Woods
147:27SinoptikBeyond The Moon
153:25Xalm RetributionTroubled Waters
158:09Xalm RetributionSwamp Of Darkness
162:50Xalm RetributionFinal Countdown
164:22Grove of WhispersGrove of Whispers 2013-01-18
175:44M. A. MichailovaSerenade (Gounod)
179:43Xalm RetributionIn The Dead Of Night