Into Darkness

Dark Ambient, Drone, Experimental
Sadayatana Podcast #112
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Cover: Fulla T
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A few seconds later, new black clouds plunged everything into darkness, but I stayed on my feet, suffocating, feeling my hair in the wind, and weeping wretchedly, like Simone herself, who had collapsed in the grass, and for the first time, her body was quaking with huge, childlike sobs.

- Georges Bataille, The Story of the Eye (1928)

00:00emptywhaleA Lack of Warning Signs May Be A Sign Itself
04:16Another Neglected HobbyStrange Awakening
17:38Wings of an AngelDance Me To The End Of Love
24:47The Implicit OrderEnd Game (2012 Won't Be The Year You Die)
30:48MusicMan11712Into the Void from Whence We Came
34:27Symatic StarBaktun 13
51:45François-Emmanuel FodéréChalukya Expres#
55:22Shane MorrisAphophis
62:55Another Neglected HobbyFitful Sleep
71:47Aairriabreeding facility
76:17Shambala NetworksPornographic Ezoteric Alliance
80:39Stephen BriggsAtlas
83:19HarB'ak'tun 13
89:51i AM esperEcotone
94:01No Way OutUntitled 02
102:39emptywhaleEpisode Ignored
116:23Creation Of Birds & SomniumNaked Cold / Naked Dawn
132:46Neon LotusIV
141:02Marax | Monolith ZeroDepressive Accelerant
143:18Lucas DarklordSleep005
146:48DecemberRed Snow
149:45HenkLaughter and the Headache
156:32Cousin SilasNightflight Over Desolation
159:11elizabeth Veldonghosts
163:50mario sarramianpreparativos
166:13Lezetskull tower (silence)
168:36Mindless M*z*kNumber 2
173:57GalatiFloe Edge II
177:22Martha Goldstein (Franzt Liszt)Liebestraum No. 3