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Wavering And Misty

Noise, Drone, Experimental
Sadayatana Podcast #108
Average Bitrate: 139kbps mp3
Cover: naggobot
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It is when we try to grapple with another man's intimate need that we perceive how incomprehensible, wavering, and misty are the beings that share with us the sight of the stars and the warmth of the sun.

- Joseph Conrad, Lord Jim (1900)

00:00Ars SonorTwo Minutes of Hate [feat. Elizabeth Veldon]
01:24elizabeth veldonthe rapist who bled for me 2
07:04elizabeth veldonthe rapist who bled for me 1
13:57SomnariumPart VII A Fabric That Stings
23:33SomnariumPart IV Known by the Shadow Cast
33:14elizabeth Veldon and Ars Sonorthe devil gathers the harvest
47:51Noises From The VoidAura
51:38Guardians Ov Gilded Peradam & All the Spirit...Wayward Wraith
53:03François-Emmanuel FodéréChalukya Expres#
55:01Digital MassLights in the Murk
84:01Dark MatterThe great Negativity
89:54Jack HertzThe Bloop
96:40Ice Guild KaiserThe Ossuary Improvisations
103:00Raitis UpensPart IV
108:29Hu CreixA full week to be
112:28John TocherGrove Of Whispers 2012-11-22 ( samples)
174:38Peer SaerPeer Saer Sneeuwlandschap I

A Darker Obscure

Dark Ambient, Drone, Experimental
Sadayatana Podcast #107
Average Bitrate: 139kbps mp3
Cover: Benjamin Klosterthal
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I seemed to float not into clearness, but into a darker obscure, and within a minute there had come to me out of my very pity the appalling alarm of his being perhaps innocent. It was for the instant confounding and bottomless, for if he were innocent, what then on earth was I?

- Henry James, The Turn of the Screw (1898)

00:00Akashic Crow's NestSupernaculum
01:36Grove Of Whispers2012-11-15
21:19Akashic Crow's NestTylwyth Teg
30:07DjinnestanRain 3
40:49elizabeth veldonjerusalem the golden/ the only thing we have to fear is fear itself
55:48Grove Of Whispers2012-11-13
62:21833-45Rain I
68:04Akashic Crow's NestRain 2
83:34Jon 7bell island
101:47Tribe of AstronautsRain 1
117:33Grove Of Whispers2012-11-16
139:58Grove Of Whispers2012-11-04
160:01Grove of WhispersLake of Fire
162:00Mister VaporRain 1
173:25Akashic Crow's NestNephelococcygia
178:01Judith Peacock CummingsO tha n tombaca daor / Am buachaille dubh Fionnghail

Pitch Blackness

Martial Industrial, Dark Ambient, Noise
Sadayatana Podcast #106
Average Bitrate: 139kbps mp3
Cover: SkeletalMess
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If you're in pitch blackness, all you can do is sit tight until your eyes get used to the dark.

- Haruki Murakami, Norwegian Wood (1987)

00:00Old VillageInvocação das Esferas Antigas
04:14Thanatoloop & HarEl Retrato
20:20cdrxLe Chant Troublant Des Sirènes
25:26elizabeth veldonthe white hare of the calder water (for thomas veldon)
51:25Akashic Crow's NestEquidistant
65:53Wings of an AngelPulse Zero But Still Alive (unreleased)
77:57BardoseneticcubeGOD 528
97:09BeutewaffenSwarte Dea
101:24Old VillageNinfas da Chuva
104:26John LoveEnglish Tea
116:02BardoseneticcubeGrey Morning
127:00Stream Angel & The Implicit OrderScissors
139:40Bird Paradigmathe art of supposing
143:13Felipe Barbosafor Four Forest
145:38Baden DangitRESIST (The Time Is Now)
147:39Jack HertzCocktail of Deceit
147:46elizabeth Veldonbook learning is a threat to national security
153:37Normal PoliceFood Stamps
165:26cdrxRock'n'roll station
174:56Ice Guild KaiserJurassic Sanctuary
178:12Judith Peacock CummingsAlasdair Mhic Cholla Ghasda

The Mark Inside

Drone, Dark Ambient, Noise
Sadayatana Podcast #105
Average Bitrate: 140kbps mp3
Cover: FM Era
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Hustlers of the world, there is one Mark you cannot beat: The Mark Inside.

- William S. Burroughs, Naked Lunch (1959)

00:00Mister VaporConstant Revisited
15:05Sons Of DagonThe Whisperer In The Darkness
21:16SubterrestrialTransmission 14
31:34Dr. Else HaufHouston
38:21mhz_winter potatum
41:47TTAATTOO & Oystein JorgensenWaterworld
49:26StonemakerSlow Death
61:11Sons Of DagonThe Rats In The Walls
68:11StonemakerSage Smoke
80:32Dr. Else HaufLurch
87:28Kenji SiratoriDazzle Mushroom Dedicated To Yayoi Kusama
94:30Metek & No CureRecording #2
96:40Nebula VIIDay One
107:09Nebula VIIMomentarily Endless
108:19TTAATTOO & Oystein JorgensenAlma Project (Alma Inca)
110:09Phillip WilkersonConstant 29
123:48John Tocher[LIVE] Grove of Whispers
130:23Peer SaerPeer Saer Sneeuwlandschap II
130:25John Tocher[LIVE] Grove of Whispers
134:41Peer SaerPeer Saer Sneeuwlandschap III
134:43John Tocher[LIVE] Grove of Whispers
140:32Grove of WhispersAme
150:00Grove of Whispers2012-10-30 (hurricane)
163:00Grove of Whispers2012-10-28 (wind)
165:10Grove of Whispers2012-10-26 (rain)
170:49Grove of Whispers2012-10-14 (indonesian rain)
176:58Erik Satie & Peter JGnossiennes/La 1 ere. Lent