Ephemeral City

Dark Ambient, Experimental, Noise
Sadayatana Podcast #103
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I remembered a phrase, 'the ephemeral city,' that I had come across in a book at school. Yes, ephemeral was the right word, I decided: before anyone realized it--even the people living there--the streets would have changed into something different. Today's streets were not tomorrow's, nor were tomorrow's those of the day after....

- Yukio Mishima, Cigarette (1946)

00:00Grove Of WhispersNixon: I am not a crook
06:40M27The Dumbell Nebula
19:06JS Gluck and Noise ResearchIncredible Machine (Sleepy Remix)
35:54Xalm RetributionUnderground Life
39:56Sobria Ebrietasse. 1 (excerpt)
43:43Xalm RetributionPerversion Returns
47:35Charles PremierAnxiogène nettoyé
47:54Xalm RetributionIn The Dead Of Night
52:19Charles PremierRumeur pour Japonais
53:28Xalm RetributionTroubled Waters
61:48Xalm RetributionDespair
67:50Xalm RetributionSnowstorm Of Loneliness
74:36Xalm RetributionFinal Countdown
82:01Charles PremierLumineuse
92:09Grove of WhispersLIVE: Featuring Charles Premier
156:05Charles PremierLumineuse (version longue)
176:06David B. DanaEvening Star
178:34M27The veil