Delight In Shadows

Dark Ambient, Space Drone, Experimental
Sadayatana Podcast #101
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Why should this propensity to seek beauty in darkness be so strong only in Orientals? The West too has known a time when there was no electricity, gas, or petroleum, yet so far as I know the West has never been disposed to delight in shadows. Japanese ghosts have traditionally no feet; Western ghosts have feet, but are transparent. As even this trifle suggests, pitch darkness has always occupied our fantasies, while in the West even ghosts are clear as glass. This is true too of our household implements: we prefer colours compounded of darkness, they prefer the colours of sunlight. And of silverware and copperware: we love them for the burnish and patina, which they consider unclean, insanitary, and polish to a glittering brilliance. They paint their ceilings and walls in pale colours to drive out as many of the shadows as they can. We fill our gardens with dense plantings, they spread out a flat expanse of grass.

- Jun’ichirō Tanizaki, In Praise of Shadows (1933)

00:00John TocherAt Novel Cafe Talking With Anthony
00:54Another Neglected HobbyDeep End of the Night Sky
15:52TheePsionicAssemblya gathering at thee end ov times
22:46Cousin SilasTime Dilates
37:54Bird ParadigmaClosure
39:32I Am EsperCave Rituals
50:03WehwaltAnacoluthe K.
64:13LienullnoyzBad Dream
64:31MystifiedDream Journey
66:27TheePsionicAssemblythee engineer has decreed
69:46HoukoliartilisominityAfternoon Outsider
78:41elizabeth Veldonrub of your make up and cover your arms because the lord hates beauty and joy
101:20Cousin SilasZenophobia
120:17TheePsionicAssemblyas souls turn to dust
139:47MüldeponieA Cold Late Evening
159:22John TocherThe Sonambulist Session 12a
175:06John TocherThe Atrocity Chronicles
179:50Adolf HitlerSome Hitler Speech (chopped and screwed)