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Dark Ambient, Drone, Experimental
Sadayatana Podcast #94
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...among aviaries of magic transcendent birds recognizing my awakening mind with sweet weird cries (the pathless lark), in the ethereal perfume, mysteriously anĀ­cient, the bliss of the Buddha-fields, I saw that my life was a vast glowing empty page and I could do anything I wanted...

- Jack Kerouac, The Dharma Bums (1958)

00:00Public DomainA Hole Concept
01:14John TocherCinema of Porcelain Fur
11:00The UnnameableThis No Human Creature May Do
15:13Abominations of YondoThat Remote and Awful Twilight: Abominable Desolation
21:22Incandescent VoidBardo Thodol
27:33Mister VaporComplex Silence 27
34:36Dan MinozaIs There Any Tea On This Spaceship
39:11Eko_FiskBeyond The Dunes
42:48Public DomainWho Ever Thinks
48:59Lluvia Acida y Ursula CalderonEl gigante de piedra
58:02John TocherEstranged, Disused And Hazardous
66:19Spherical Disrupted15:08 (20:63-2-Space)
69:35Lluvia Acida y Ursula CalderonEl lobo marino
77:19Abominations of YondoInterstitial Lullaby
80:43The UnnameableThe Orbit of Yuggoth
87:07Tree HelicopterWonderland: The White Rabbit
98:06Jack HertzWonderland: The Caterpillar
133:30Incandescent VoidAbyssal Descent
140:44Abominations of YondoThat Remote and Awful Twilight: Into Futurity
147:40Public DomainEnd of Time
148:15John TocherWhisper of Latex
156:16MystifiedTrio Drone 4
166:06John TocherLuminescent Rebellion
176:53Erik Satie & Peter JGnossiennes/La 1 ere. Lent
179:40MystifiedTrio Drone 3