Hidden Knowledge

Dark Ambient, Experimental, Drone
Sadayatana Podcast #90
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He liked caves, and was tempted to set out for it. But distances here were deceptive, and there might not be time before dark; besides, he did not feel the necessary energy inside him. “Tomorrow I’ll come earlier and go up,” he said to himself. He stood looking up the valley a little wistfully, his tongue seeking the fig seeds between his teeth, with the small tenacious flies forever returning to crawl along his face. And it occurred to him that a walk through the countryside was a sort of epitome of the passage through life itself. One never took the time to savor the details; one said: another day, but always with the hidden knowledge that each day was unique and final, that there never would be a return, another time.

- Paul Bowles, The Sheltering Sky (1949)

00:00The Implicit Ordermrs winchester discovers the truth
06:42elizabeth Veldonkaddish in reverse (for allan ginsberg)
12:05FM3 Buddha MachineBuddha Machine 02 (1.0)
13:42Ice Guild KaiserRain 2
33:48AorthaWas sleeping
36:51elizabeth Veldonan accident while cleaning his gun
52:23Alan Morse Davies & Gillian StevensDdianc / Escape
86:02Jen BoydBallard
92:57Jez Riley FrenchAn upstairs landing, England
93:03Radio CegesteAttempt at the non-linearity of a nest, 4
96:38Travis JohnsonRectrate
99:07elizabeth Veldona dedication to besart
101:40Alan Morse Davies & Gillian StevensCoedwig - Ogrof / Forest - Cave
113:27elizabeth Veldonyou can kill as many people as you like but as long as one person survives their culture will survive and you will have failed
128:59The Implicit Orderthe phantom anaesthetist returns
143:20Human NihilRüttelplatte auf LSD
149:35The Implicit Orderserpent's repent
159:57Død BeverteFields Of Hell
171:58elizabeth Veldon and The Implicit Orderthe red plan to conquer America!
174:18elizabeth Veldonchristianity is a religion of hate and distrust of the flesh
176:49Bob Wills and the Texas PlayboysWhose Heart Are You Breaking Now
179:21John TocherCaterpillar (unreleased)