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Lost Bliss

Dark Ambient, Drone, Experimental
Sadayatana Podcast #91
Average Bitrate: 142kbps mp3
Cover: SkeletalMess
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I told him a dream I had about a strange Arabian figure that was pursuing me across the desert; that I tried to avoid; that finally overtook me just before I reached the Protective City. "Who is this?" said Carlo. We pondered it. I proposed it was myself, wearing a shroud. That wasn't it. Something, someone, some spirit was pursuing all of us across the desert of life and was bound to catch us before we reached heaven. Naturally, now that I look back on it, this is only death: death will overtake us before heaven. The one thing that we yearn for in our living days, that makes us sigh and groan and undergo sweet nauseas of all kinds, is the remembrance of some lost bliss that was probably experienced in the womb and can only be reproduced (though we hate to admit it) in death.

- Jack Kerouac, On the Road (1957)

00:00Bleak FictionOccult Sun
06:09PalancarNovember 18, 2007 (Songs at the Lost Sea)
16:36Darkened SoulWinter's Cold Stare
29:12AnantaAt Closer Distance Part 2
34:04Bleak FictionTranslucent Ghost
44:08Appalachian FallsGrimGrim
52:12Voices From The AbyssIronclad
63:01Neon LotusV
69:25The Implicit Ordermothman lives
77:17NatureFactor IV ( Alien Factory )
90:32DesohllSubtle Monotony
92:40John TocherCaterpillar (demo)
99:36Specta CieraWith Birds
105:13John TocherNoise Rain (demo)
111:19Jon 7Continent Cloud
116:20elizabeth Veldonso men of fame
121:45The Implicit Ordernew lands for anomalous phenomena
127:53Kristus KutDood Bloed
131:55Shane Morris and Dan MinozaRitual Observances
135:45Kristus KutI Kissed Her In A Wonderful Bad Dream
141:29Christian DoilKupfer
147:51Darkened SoulGravitational Nuances
154:32The Implicit Orderdisneyland of the gods
171:25Neon LotusUntitled
177:18Billy HolidayThat Old Devil

Hidden Knowledge

Dark Ambient, Experimental, Drone
Sadayatana Podcast #90
Average Bitrate: 138kbps mp3
Cover: Onkelix
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He liked caves, and was tempted to set out for it. But distances here were deceptive, and there might not be time before dark; besides, he did not feel the necessary energy inside him. “Tomorrow I’ll come earlier and go up,” he said to himself. He stood looking up the valley a little wistfully, his tongue seeking the fig seeds between his teeth, with the small tenacious flies forever returning to crawl along his face. And it occurred to him that a walk through the countryside was a sort of epitome of the passage through life itself. One never took the time to savor the details; one said: another day, but always with the hidden knowledge that each day was unique and final, that there never would be a return, another time.

- Paul Bowles, The Sheltering Sky (1949)

00:00The Implicit Ordermrs winchester discovers the truth
06:42elizabeth Veldonkaddish in reverse (for allan ginsberg)
12:05FM3 Buddha MachineBuddha Machine 02 (1.0)
13:42Ice Guild KaiserRain 2
33:48AorthaWas sleeping
36:51elizabeth Veldonan accident while cleaning his gun
52:23Alan Morse Davies & Gillian StevensDdianc / Escape
86:02Jen BoydBallard
92:57Jez Riley FrenchAn upstairs landing, England
93:03Radio CegesteAttempt at the non-linearity of a nest, 4
96:38Travis JohnsonRectrate
99:07elizabeth Veldona dedication to besart
101:40Alan Morse Davies & Gillian StevensCoedwig - Ogrof / Forest - Cave
113:27elizabeth Veldonyou can kill as many people as you like but as long as one person survives their culture will survive and you will have failed
128:59The Implicit Orderthe phantom anaesthetist returns
143:20Human NihilRüttelplatte auf LSD
149:35The Implicit Orderserpent's repent
159:57Død BeverteFields Of Hell
171:58elizabeth Veldon and The Implicit Orderthe red plan to conquer America!
174:18elizabeth Veldonchristianity is a religion of hate and distrust of the flesh
176:49Bob Wills and the Texas PlayboysWhose Heart Are You Breaking Now
179:21John TocherCaterpillar (unreleased)

Beige Furnished Fascism

Drone, Dark Ambient, Experimental
Sadayatana Podcast #89
Average Bitrate: 143kbps mp3
Cover: x-ray delta one
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It is now very clear that techniques of machine-human interfacing, pharmacology of the synthetic variety, all kinds of manipulative techniques, all kinds of data storage, imaging and retrieval techniques– all of this is coalescing toward the potential of a truly demonic or angelic kind of self-imaging of our culture... And the people who are on the demonic side are fully aware of this and hurrying full-tilt forward with their plans to capture everyone as a 100% believing consumer inside some kind of a beige furnished fascism that won't even raise a ripple.

- Terence McKenna, Non-Ordinary States Through Vision Plants (1988)

00:0021 GrammsCan't sleep
01:35Bunk DataHidden Memory
06:55Epsilon EridaniWhere Once Poe Walked
09:27AccasariMilam Bardo
14:40Inner StruggleDerelict
18:01Inner StruggleThe Eternal Loneliness
25:39J OrphicRiflessioni
32:18rui almeidaMUfire in and around the bosphorus
36:38Mister VaporRain 2
57:14Xalm RetributionDungeon
84:10SubterrestrialSinking Perception
106:16Zreen ToyzA Map To Find Hell's Gate
110:11CP McDillCPM-Goat-Encompasses-3.reversed
113:00KromeshnaMonochrome Snow
115:01oVdk / Bunk DataUn stazion Centaur (On the Night of the Kentauru Fesitval)
122:15shinichiroaThe 3rd wave
128:22shinichiroaThe last wave
130:52MetamorfrozenMountains of Madness
140:37SlutmachineInching Glaciers
148:16SeetycaVon Der Nothwendikeyt Des Vergehens
155:57The LargeEsoteric Interpretation
168:35Zreen ToyzGeomatic Lineaments
176:12Maurice ChevalierYou Brought A New Kind Of Love To Me
178:37The LargeArdently Arcane

Bizarre And Flawed

Dark Ambient, Experimental, Noise
Sadayatana Podcast #88
Average Bitrate: 141kbps mp3
Cover: Ideas al Cuadro Comunicación Visual
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I used to think I was the strangest person in the world but then I thought there are so many people in the world, there must be someone just like me who feels bizarre and flawed in the same ways I do. I would imagine her, and imagine that she must be out there thinking of me too. Well, I hope that if you are out there and read this and know that, yes, it's true I'm here, and I'm just as strange as you.

- Frida Kahlo, Diary of Frida Kahlo

00:00MBDBrilliant White Raiment (Excerpt)
00:43Digital MassRain 2
30:31Mercury TheatreThe War of the Worlds
32:29Cumshot In SnowOzawa
36:02HuruHara 696Lenggang Kangkang
42:36PaiyatumaArriving at Night in Ithaca
46:52Luis Anteroocolecionadordesons20120702
56:54MystifiedFloating Logic
69:46StahlfabrikTesla Scopio
84:57The Cherry Blues ProjectAmbient Sun (Ridiculous Resonance Mix)
88:37900 Piesek and DrenSongs About Death
93:20Jari PitkänenSirin
112:07Jari PitkänenShift To Mirror
115:39The Implicit OrderTourist Trap
118:52The New False GodsDarth Buddha
133:50Item CaligoDie, Make Hthers Happy
138:39Mince SplattersEnd workers
142:31Jet GhostBlackout donnie (Ozone Mix)
147:13The perfect failure (?)Requiem Pour Un Poisson Rouge
148:33Vlad RibarskiHappyHalloween1
149:45The Cherry Blues ProjectDark Day
152:55Vlad RibarskiHappyHalloween2
152:57The Cherry Blues ProjectDark Day
157:17The Cherry Blues ProjectFigura Tres
159:49SiJSevastopol 2
163:14Disturbed Earth/Shane Morris/Kirill PlatonkinSuddenly Somewhere
165:19StahlfabrikCampo Magnetico Rotativo
170:55StahlfabrikEnergia Radiante
172:58METEK vs KrisTofuMadhouse
176:36Tollefsen TrioExtase - Rverie
180:44field recording, western aveOutro