Without Culture

Drone, Dark Ambient, Soundscape
Sadayatana Podcast #86
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Anyone who in discussion relies upon authority uses, not his understanding, but rather his memory. Good culture is born of a good disposition; and since the cause is more to be praised than the effect, I will rather praise a good disposition without culture, than good culture without the disposition.

- Leonardo da Vinci, Notebook 19

00:00Encyclopaedia Britannica FilmsMan and His Culture (1954)
01:47MystifiedDead Souls
04:34Another Neglected HobbyBeeswax and Rust
50:39BardoseneticcubeReag Part 01
68:26John TocherThe Wedding
91:306138In the City of the Dead part 1
108:51Television SkyWhen It's Lamp Lighting Time in the Valley
111:12Dronny DarkoFloating In A Frozen Cryogenic Capsule
119:32Adamennon | BetaNuxVomica AB Remix
125:096138In the City of the Dead part 2
129:47BardoseneticcubeReag Part 05
140:00BardoseneticcubeReag Part 04
153:28SithwombGhosts Of Mortis
158:24Dronny DarkoWhat You Thought Would Always Last Has Passed You By
172:38Television SkyOh... oh
175:49Clyde McCoySugar Blues
178:536138In the City of the Dead part 3