Control A Dream

Dark Ambient, Noise, Industrial
Sadayatana Podcast #85
Average Bitrate: 127kbps mp3
Cover: khoraxis
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I believe that the truth of the matter is far more terrifying, that the real truth that dare not speak itself is that no one is in control, absolutely no one. This stuff is ruled by the equations of dynamics and chaos. There may be entities seeking control, but to seek control is to take enormous aggravation upon yourself. It's like trying to control a dream.

- Terence McKenna, Dreaming Awake at the End of Time (1998)

00:00OmbientLive on Sadayatana
59:19Bing SatellitesLoop 9
62:15John TocherShipping Forecast (chopped and screwed)
70:27Darius CiutaAl/av ( U )
86:40Mu'id ibn al NurCall To Prayer
91:58Backyard GhostDiary of an Opium Taker
100:45C.P. McDillThe Northern Lights
103:37C. Reider and CaerieThe Ghost Sifting Process
103:40J. S. BachHosanna B-minor Mass
115:27JargunaWaiting For A Call From The Unknown Part 1
130:39Joaquin Mendoza and Georgina BrettLeanate
136:42Anton Mobin & Luis Antero Lavoir # 1 (Avaray)
140:59Pyracantha Hannah ShaperoRed Queen
140:59Rebekkah HilgravesWhite Rabbit
143:53Fractured PersonaI Am Your Pleasure
144:32Mystified & CtephinSecret Order
148:09Aseptic VoidLullaby
151:188m2stereomes. (Webbed Tape Edit)
156:06DjinnestanC plus A
163:58Backyard GhostResurrection of M
167:38(0)+HERSI Am No+ Resigned (+he +elling Of A S+ory)
169:56Stahlfabrik EmisiĆ³n TermoiĆ³nica Parte 1 (Minimal)
174:44The Implicit OrderGrand Surface Opera
177:58Bix BeiderbeckeMaple Leaf Rag
180:16Taishi Kamiya & Eriko ToyodaCold Milk