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Sadayatana Podcast #84
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There are not many persons who know what wonders are opened to them in the stories and visions of their youth; for when as children we listen and dream, we think but half-formed thoughts, and when as men we try to remember, we are dulled and prosaic with the poison of life.

But some of us awake in the night with strange phantasms of enchanted hills and gardens, of fountains that sing in the sun, of golden cliffs overhanging murmuring seas, of plains that stretch down to sleeping cities of bronze and stone, and of shadowy companies of heroes that ride caparisoned white horses along the edges of thick forests; and then we know that we have looked back through the ivory gates into that world of wonder which was ours before we were wise and unhappy.

- H.P. Lovecraft, Celephaïs (1920)

00:00Suspense OTRR SetDynamite Run (Suspense Radio Edit)
01:49Dronny DarkoAsperatus
07:12NorssTweede Eenzaamheid
19:37NorssZesde Eenzaamheid
34:00Eurovision Über Allesea.2-1
37:45Luis AnteroO Colecionador de Sons Emissao # 52
42:15WehwaltMouche Non-Euclidienne
53:28Phosphene TransmitterPhosphene Transmitter
61:08NorssDerde Eenzaamheid
66:27Eurovision Über Allesea.2-2
76:53Charles premier & WehwaltMétabolisme Du Théorème
83:46CP McDillLinear Pond
88:10John TocherRain 1 (prototype)
164:43Wings Of An AngelThe Real Meaning Of Our Existence Is Somewhere Between Worlds, Between Realities, In Between Aimless Wandering
168:29Wings Of An AngelWhen Earth Had Become A Wasteland And The Universe Had Smashed Into Splinters Of Dead Light
174:43Billie HolidaySeptember Song
177:46John TocherCicadas In Front of House At Dusk (2012-05-11)