The Silence

Experimental, Field Recordings, Noise
Sadayatana Podcast #79
Average Bitrate: 140kbps mp3
Cover: punterjoe
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Some good Houston noise from Infant Mortality Rate, released through Brownian Motion.

Cool tracks from Trust.Falls, from their release "The Road To Pinewood". This is a nice fun dark album with some cool samples. I bitched about it being released "all rights reserved" and they changed it to creative commons. I'm glad they did. Thank you.

Some of the new release from Impulsive Habitat "Mecha / Orga" is featured.

Released today on Buddhist on Fire: Zreen Toyz "Underground Klang", an excerpt from the track "The Schnitzler Suite" is featured. "Juicy, junior. Real juicy".

Thanks again to Shane Morris for providing some shortwave samples. I hope he will do some more he has such a great ear.

Thanks also to Ayn Morgan for allowing the use of the recording where she is sanding.

Dedicated to Siskiyou.
00:00Adrià BofarullHeritage
00:55Shane Morrisshortwave 11
03:47Luís AnteroConcerto Para Olhos Vendados LX
07:01Artificial Memory TracePart 1
23:28MonocerosMagatzem abandonar, St Julià de Ramis
28:20Juan Antonio NietoPangea-3
31:00EugeneKhaUnderground Train
33:09Adrian Newtonnoct123
36:03The SmudgePot Smoke Coma
40:16Darwin Raymond(Not Even) Hope
47:14Artificial Memory TracePart 2, Sequence A
52:16DeerThe Black Sails (Unfurl As You Arrive)
69:33Adrian Newtonnocti121
74:10Trust.FallsTwo Lane Blacktop
82:36Radio ReferenceNYPD Special Ops Div 2012.02.09
87:55CDRXLe murmure des ombres
104:30Trust.FallsMissed Call [Extended Mix]
106:38Trust.FallsJaws Of Life/Tape Of Death
110:56Shane Morrisshortwave 12
115:30ill will featuring 3:33Franktapes
121:45Infant Mortality RateJam For Contact Mic And Geophone
126:03Ayn MorganSanding
128:41Nigel SamwaysVicarage Sabbaticals
132:40Mecha / Orga01
136:19Strom NoirVesper
143:06Shane Morrisshortwave Preacher
144:47Zreen ToyzThe Schnitzler Suite
158:20Deeri Didnt Want To See You Or Talk
161:36Juan Antonio NietoPangea-2
163:57Various Artists22 postmeshische - field recordings
167:48PloofLAX airport
170:10Xesús ValleUnstructured Data
172:44Ploofon a plane
175:45EugeneKhaIn Shuttle Train
177:48Enrico CarusoTosca, E lucevan le stelle (April 1903)
180:11Jack HertzIn the Fog

From the useless pole lamp in the living room it oozed out, meshing with the empty and wordless descent of itself from the fly-specked ceiling. It managed in fact to emerge from every object within his range of vision, as if it—the silence—meant to supplant all things tangible.

- Philip K. Dick, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? (1968)