Ghost In Daylight

Dark Ambient, Drone, Experimental
Sadayatana Podcast #78
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Cover: AlyZen Moonshadow
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Review at Sadayatana #78

Well... another disastrous show. I guess I spilled water on the keyboard or something. First a whole lot of files I had downloaded were erased --right before my eyes! Then the computer locked up just before the end. The times and track titles were lost and I had to reconstruct the playlist below by hand. Another Frankenstein podcast... some assembly required.

Don't take any of this as an indication that it won't be fun to listen to. It is! Trust me... I trust you.
00:00Stillborn Ghostsl'ternel Dsaxement
00:00Darkness And SilenceIn the Deathroom
00:00CrocellAutomatic Side For Echoes
00:00FugaSatanaeThe Strange High House In The Mist
00:00PavonineRassemblement des choses qui portent malheur
00:00Kenji Siratori feat. Tardive DyskinesiaTragedy Module
00:00FugaSatanaeThe Patrimony
00:00Deep Into PerspectivesSawmill Symphonics
00:00DjinnestanComet Year Wine
00:00Digital MassThe Murk
00:00Master ToadGarden of Nightmares
00:00Lus AnteroWater
00:00R6Ritual Of North
00:00Luís AnteroWater Mill 2
00:00Red FogArctic Neon
00:00The Ghost Between The StringsThe Fire From Below
00:00Epsilon EridaniRetrospective
00:00Vladimír HirschSkrol: Soaking / Movie Martyr
05:26Kiriloff's Balalaika OrchestraA Life For the Czar
08:22John TocherRain on Road 2012-04-21

A ghost in daylight on a crowded street.

- William S. Burroughs, Junky (1953)