Unnatural Self

Drone, Experimental, Noise
Sadayatana Podcast #77
Average Bitrate: 153kbps mp3
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Cover: x-ray delta one
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The show opens with a mashup of a numbers station recording by Sealord and Life's Darker Than Death: "Silence". Then new from Impulsive Habitat, Jan Kees-Helms: "Barcelona".

Several tracks from the new Brownian Motion contact microphone compilation are featured: "Coupe Of Negation Theorem As Contact Trickery". And again, several tracks from The Chestnut Tree compilation are featured. Really great stuff.

The show closes with another 78 digitized for your listening pleasure by C.P. Mcdill, the outside music mogul behind Webbed Hand Records.
01:43Life's Darker Than DeathSilence My Brother
13:38BolanderThe Center of The Lake on a Quiet Afternoon
18:34Jan Kees-HelmsBarcelona
21:32Jon 7summer collage session (human conditioning tape one)
25:47Balkar WachholzMandros
33:33Obscure VisionsAfter The Lost Road, There Was A Quiet Hole
38:03Another Neglected HobbyValve
41:50Infant Mortality RateRed Planet Beverage Company
45:14Backyard GhostDrawing Down The Moon
50:37Obscure VisionsK'inich Janaab' Pakal
54:16onewayness145.775 MHz Repetidor
66:45Symatic StarBlack Box
87:19Arte Sacra AtelierBlack Music Coiling
90:40Ars Sonor & MystifiedMagnetic storm
93:55TsoneFalse Space
98:27Ars Sonor & MystifiedPangaea Ultima (feat. Meklabor)
105:25john tocher2012-04-21-rain.on.road
108:02Stefan PaulusBecoming-Endless
111:33Joe McMahonNoctilucence
116:02Hobo Liked NomixRadiochestnut Chains Opus 16
121:45Deerover The Head Under The Wing
126:02President BlairPhoth
130:49Dan Miñoza/Ayn MorganUpwellian
137:29TsoneWeather Balloon Curse
149:04TsoneAll The Words We've Forgotten
152:39TsoneTerra Firma
158:03Adrian Newtonnocti126
160:29Distant TrainsPlexiglass Torture Chamber Vs. St. Patrick's Day Parade (Part 1)
160:29Adrian Newtonnocti126
164:51Mama Baer HjulerDrei Stuecke
170:02Bulky AcronymHydra In A Rush
170:03ThirdorganThe Informers
170:14Distant TrainsI Wanna Bargain With Ya Baby
175:31Bob Wills and the Texas PlayboysWhose Heart Are You Breaking Now

For Mercer everything is easy, he thought, because Mercer accepts everything. Nothing is alien to him. But what I've done, he thought; that's become alien to me. In fact everything has become unnatural; I've become an unnatural self.

- Philip K. Dick, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? (1968)