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Ghost In Daylight

Dark Ambient, Drone, Experimental
Sadayatana Podcast #78
Average Bitrate: something:kbps mp3
Cover: AlyZen Moonshadow
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Direct URL: Ghost In Daylight
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Well... another disastrous show. I guess I spilled water on the keyboard or something. First a whole lot of files I had downloaded were erased --right before my eyes! Then the computer locked up just before the end. The times and track titles were lost and I had to reconstruct the playlist below by hand. Another Frankenstein podcast... some assembly required.

Don't take any of this as an indication that it won't be fun to listen to. It is! Trust me... I trust you.
00:00Stillborn Ghostsl'ternel Dsaxement
00:00Darkness And SilenceIn the Deathroom
00:00CrocellAutomatic Side For Echoes
00:00FugaSatanaeThe Strange High House In The Mist
00:00PavonineRassemblement des choses qui portent malheur
00:00Kenji Siratori feat. Tardive DyskinesiaTragedy Module
00:00FugaSatanaeThe Patrimony
00:00Deep Into PerspectivesSawmill Symphonics
00:00DjinnestanComet Year Wine
00:00Digital MassThe Murk
00:00Master ToadGarden of Nightmares
00:00Lus AnteroWater
00:00R6Ritual Of North
00:00Luís AnteroWater Mill 2
00:00Red FogArctic Neon
00:00The Ghost Between The StringsThe Fire From Below
00:00Epsilon EridaniRetrospective
00:00Vladimír HirschSkrol: Soaking / Movie Martyr
05:26Kiriloff's Balalaika OrchestraA Life For the Czar
08:22John TocherRain on Road 2012-04-21

A ghost in daylight on a crowded street.

- William S. Burroughs, Junky (1953)

Unnatural Self

Drone, Experimental, Noise
Sadayatana Podcast #77
Average Bitrate: 153kbps mp3
Cover: x-ray delta one
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Direct URL: Unnatural Self
Review at Sadayatana #77

The show opens with a mashup of a numbers station recording by Sealord and Life's Darker Than Death: "Silence". Then new from Impulsive Habitat, Jan Kees-Helms: "Barcelona".

Several tracks from the new Brownian Motion contact microphone compilation are featured: "Coupe Of Negation Theorem As Contact Trickery". And again, several tracks from The Chestnut Tree compilation are featured. Really great stuff.

The show closes with another 78 digitized for your listening pleasure by C.P. Mcdill, the outside music mogul behind Webbed Hand Records.
01:43Life's Darker Than DeathSilence My Brother
13:38BolanderThe Center of The Lake on a Quiet Afternoon
18:34Jan Kees-HelmsBarcelona
21:32Jon 7summer collage session (human conditioning tape one)
25:47Balkar WachholzMandros
33:33Obscure VisionsAfter The Lost Road, There Was A Quiet Hole
38:03Another Neglected HobbyValve
41:50Infant Mortality RateRed Planet Beverage Company
45:14Backyard GhostDrawing Down The Moon
50:37Obscure VisionsK'inich Janaab' Pakal
54:16onewayness145.775 MHz Repetidor
66:45Symatic StarBlack Box
87:19Arte Sacra AtelierBlack Music Coiling
90:40Ars Sonor & MystifiedMagnetic storm
93:55TsoneFalse Space
98:27Ars Sonor & MystifiedPangaea Ultima (feat. Meklabor)
105:25john tocher2012-04-21-rain.on.road
108:02Stefan PaulusBecoming-Endless
111:33Joe McMahonNoctilucence
116:02Hobo Liked NomixRadiochestnut Chains Opus 16
121:45Deerover The Head Under The Wing
126:02President BlairPhoth
130:49Dan Miñoza/Ayn MorganUpwellian
137:29TsoneWeather Balloon Curse
149:04TsoneAll The Words We've Forgotten
152:39TsoneTerra Firma
158:03Adrian Newtonnocti126
160:29Distant TrainsPlexiglass Torture Chamber Vs. St. Patrick's Day Parade (Part 1)
160:29Adrian Newtonnocti126
164:51Mama Baer HjulerDrei Stuecke
170:02Bulky AcronymHydra In A Rush
170:03ThirdorganThe Informers
170:14Distant TrainsI Wanna Bargain With Ya Baby
175:31Bob Wills and the Texas PlayboysWhose Heart Are You Breaking Now

For Mercer everything is easy, he thought, because Mercer accepts everything. Nothing is alien to him. But what I've done, he thought; that's become alien to me. In fact everything has become unnatural; I've become an unnatural self.

- Philip K. Dick, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? (1968)

Signs and Stars

Dark Ambient, Experimental, Drone
Sadayatana Podcast #76
Average Bitrate: 140kbps mp3
Cover: ssoosay
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Direct URL: Signs and Stars
Review at Sadayatana #76

Show starts with a mashup of Public Domain's "Test Broadcast, Programme 2" and Another Neglected Hobby's "Voltage". I had played Voltage earlier in the week and was impressed enough for another go.

Several tracks were played/mixed from The Chestnut Tree compilation. I've been listening to this in the car now for over a week. It will be a while yet before I'm through --it is almost six hours of music. Very nice, Ayn Morgan of The Chestnut Tree has been working hard on it for quite a while.

Thank you to all the artists who contributed tracks. Featured one this show were tracks from: downercow, (o)thers, Kristus Kut, Dan Minoza and Shane Morris, Mama Baer Hjuler, Shane Morris and Pixyblink, Kirill Platonkin, Altocumulus, and Zreen Toyz. Go download now. You will thank me. Your mother will thank me.

Tracks from C. Reider's vuhz music label are featured, Jeff Sampson's "Swarm" and The Euphoric Hum: Flow. I really like this release by Deer: "Deer are three women with laptops and tape decks." So I play a lot of it.

Other music worth noting: deafness: "32 teeth", this got a oooh creepy or something in chat, the "Heathen Harvest Samhain Sampler 2011", Christian Galarreta: "Raw field recordings I : Habitacion en Buenos Aires (2011)", and "By Force, The Snoring Oceans" (self titled).

The show closes with another 78 digitized by C.P. McDill, the mastermind behind the Webbed Hand Records label, The Mills Brothers: Paper Doll. Thanks again C.P. McDill.
00:00Public DomainTest Broadcast, Programme 2
00:37Another Neglected HobbyVoltage
23:58Deerdowners And Bottles
30:32Jeff SampsonSwarm
35:31Seven MorguesFrames
45:24downercowBovine Flux [A Slight Return]
45:26Jeff SampsonSwarm
51:39Steam flowMelancholy Rain
55:11deafness32 teeth
61:38(o)thersChristie White [radio edit]
66:32Kristus KutOrgasmic Nirvana
74:05Dan Minoza and Shane MorrisBlack Lotus
81:48Mama Baer HjulerDrei Stuecke
89:02Shane Morris and PixyblinkRuby Blood
96:49Deerwash Your Hands Of Weirdness
102:14Deerthe Tone Of Strength And Fear
110:46By Force, The Snoring Oceans1130
119:54Christian Galarretahbtcn Bs As
123:48Chris LynnScenic View Voices leaving Vancouver
127:37Kirill PlatonkinSomething's Watching From Above
131:40Julia van der PillerDark Symphony
135:34AltocumulusEvelyn in the Desert
142:00The Euphoric HumHermetic
146:05GydjaThe Spirit of the Earth With Venom Intoxicate
158:45Deerthe Smell Of Insincerity
165:43EugeneKhaIn Shuttle Train
168:38Zreen ToyzWalk With The Nuts In The Delirium
177:04The Mills BrothersPaper Doll
179:33Fabio KeinerDance Like Branches 02

As if the blind rage had washed me clean, rid me of hope; for the first time, in that night alive with signs and stars, I opened myself to the gentle indifference of the world.

- Albert Camus, The Stranger (1942)

Some World

Drone, Dark Ambient, Soundscapes
Sadayatana Podcast #75
Average Bitrate: 156kbps mp3
Cover: Ravenelle
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Direct URL: Some World
Review at Sadayatana #75

Tonight's show was mostly a mix of music released last week by Edu Comelles in his guise as Mensa and a various field recordings by... me. I really like the music of Edu Comelles and his label I think you will too.

New from Impulsive Habitat: David Velez's "Forma y percepción".

A few more tracks from the new release at Seetyca & Etheocles Stevens: "Sulphur VI".

Also new from Webbed Hand Records, tracks from the new Ice Guild Kaiser "The Past Is Foreign, and from Materia Confusa's "".

Also new music from Mystified. He took a track I played at the end of Sadayatana show #37 "Night Owl Theater, a 78 of the French "Garde Républicaine" Band playing "The Star Spangled Banner." and droned it out somehow. It totally rocks.
00:00FrenicTime Present Now (edit)
01:12Mensa (aka Edu Comelles)TS20
10:31John TocherChinese Hauz (field recording)
10:34Mensa (aka Edu Comelles)TS20
18:14Mensa (aka Edu Comelles)TS40
23:56John Tocherkeyboard
23:58Mensa (aka Edu Comelles)TS40
33:02David VelezForma y percepción
48:22seetyca & etheocles stevensan endless sea of sulphur
58:38Materia ConfusaAxis Mundi
63:39Chris Whitehead1Dunes
70:41John TocherTrain
71:43Edu Comellescampanes_01
74:30Alozeau & Edu ComellesN 39 4783 E 0 3771
84:39John TocherNight.Sounds
91:40Mensa (aka Edu Comelles)TS50
115:36Mensa (aka Edu Comelles)TS60
136:01Ice Guild KaiserThe Arcane Dreamboat
140:39Ice Guild KaiserA Porcelain Astronaut
147:44Mensa (aka Edu Comelles)TS60
153:54Ice Guild KaiserWeathered Dollhouse
156:31Mensa (aka Edu Comelles)TS60
162:16John Tocher2012 01 06 TCT VO
163:17seetyca & etheocles stevensglowing holes in the night sky
171:36Mensa (aka Edu Comelles)TS70
176:19Ruth EttingApril Showers
178:49Mensa (aka Edu Comelles)TS70

When your dreams are of some world that never was or of some world that never will be and you are happy again then you will have given up. Do you understand? And you cant give up.

- Cormac McCarthy, The Road (2006)

Suffusion of Darkness

Dark Ambient, Soundscapes, Noise
Sadayatana Podcast #74
Average Bitrate: 149kbps mp3
Cover: x-ray delta one
Podcast Mirror Site:
Direct URL: Suffusion of Darkness
Review at Sadayatana #74

Unreleased track from Dan Miñoza and The Implicit Order: "Eyes Catch Fire". Hey I think that name is inspired by Buddhist on Fire...

New from Webbed Hand Records, The title track from: "Eta Carinae – Rest".

A couple new releases from Treetrunk Records: Gutterhulk and Conure.

Tracks with serial killer samples by Deafness: "Victim". Sorry about that. I like them though. Jeffrey Dahmer talking to someone about creationism. Hard to beat. But also kind of sick too.

New release from Otium by Seetyca & Etheocles Stevens: Sulphur VI.

Jack (audio subsystem) crashed just as the show was ending. I edited it together as best I could. The 78 courtesy of C.P. McDill again, this time John McCormack's "Mother Machree". Thank you.
00:00Handy (Jam) OrganizationIntro
02:20Sean Derrick Cooper MarquardtWoman on Death Row
06:37Elizabeth VeldonMy dream
10:02Creation Of Gods InsanityXiv
19:23ExuviaeLazarus Requiem
21:55The Implicit OrderAt Collinwood (No Days To Be Remembered)
25:15Samsangelswing13 Fingers Around Your Neck
28:34Luis AnteroAgroal Water Soundscape
40:20Insect HumanJa Sam Vas Ucio Ja Sam Vas Dojio 1998
43:24Red FogInfrared Shadows In The Scorched Sky
51:11A.T.M.O.M.Ночное дыхание тайги (Taiga's Night Breathing)
57:27hd5. Trilobite Hymn
59:02A Drama RadioBrave Old World (TV News) (edit 1)
59:32GutterhulkClaw Brood
65:52A Drama RadioParasomnias Parasuicide (TV Death) (edit)
69:28Sean Derrick Cooper MarquardtWoman on Death Row
69:51Eta CarinaeRest (edit)
75:36Flavien GilliéLa Pelouse Devient Jardin
77:53seetyca & etheocles stevensskin drift
87:59deafnessBad day
104:53Reverse ProjectionOld Potion
107:37Reverse ProjectionOld Potion
110:28Luis AnteroVale de Maceira Soundscape
114:13D.Miñoza; The_Implicit_OrderEyes Catch Fire
122:33The Implicit OrderAlone In A Darkened Room
127:38Joe FrawleyDescension Day
130:09Joe FrawleyI Have A Hard Time Talking About The House
135:44e:4c332 variation (untitled remix)
140:26A Drama RadioBrave Old World (TV News) (edit 2)
141:22Mescalibur and Kecap Tuyula bucket under the moon
155:21v4w.enko & d’incise21’59”
160:53Elizabeth VeldonGagging for it (political activism)
167:13Red FogAnechoic Chamber
173:02Red FogIntermission 1 ¬ Signals From The Abandoned Hospital

While fame impedes and constricts, obscurity wraps about a man like a mist; obscurity is dark, ample, and free; obscurity lets the mind take its way unimpeded. Over the obscure man is poured the merciful suffusion of darkness. None knows where he goes or comes. He may seek the truth and speak it; he alone is free; he alone is truthful, he alone is at peace.

- Virginia Woolf, Orlando: A Biography (1928)