In The Name of Peace

Dark Ambient, Drone, Martial Industrial
Sadayatana Podcast #73
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A mixture of martial industrial and religious and devotional musics, chant, drone etc. Themes of warfare and the transitory nature of existence run throughout.

New release from, KolpakopF: "Immersion dans l'air".

Call to prayer and Indonesian rain courtesy of the Indonesian Sound Archive. Thank you.

Thanks again to C.P. McDill, the mastermind behind Webbed Hand Records for another great 78 to close the show.
00:00Dunkel AestheticsVltimvs Dies Evropa (edit/remix)
04:19DemagolkaSelf-Inflicted Fractures
13:48Vladimír HirschAghiatrias: Semen
22:29BedozeSirens on Bagdah
28:11Derek BaconMosque In The Rain
30:02SALAKAPAKKA SOUND SYSTEMThe end of christianity... as we know it
34:02KolpakopFImmersion dans l air
47:41Black Cinema With Kenji SiratoriPhase II
53:52KolpakopFImmersion dans l air
62:05Depsos, Bintaro, JakartaRain in Jakarta
64:39Torsten HentschelNox Obscurus I
84:17Marc-Henri ArfeuxScansion
86:42Torsten HentschelNox Obscurus I
89:49Ices OvMemoria
102:15KraftfaghrkorpsGefallenen Soldaten
107:09SunDummySpanish Moss
110:33Vesica PiscisFloors of Hum, Walls of Hiss
114:48chalkwhitehandsFive Killing Charms
117:27iN sCissorSChapter I - The Veratrine Verses Cmxcix
119:56Ices OvMemoria
129:08AutopsiaFactory Ritual I
131:44SanhedrinInvisible Again
134:49life toward twilight"this peculiar phenomenon"
137:41SanhedrinInvisible Again
140:26DocN.O.P.D. Blues
149:09CisfinitumLandschaft II
155:54CisfinitumDistrict Delta
161:27CisfinitumLandschaft II
165:58chalkwhitehandsKings to the Brightness
169:10Derek BaconMasjid Baiturrahman Bintaro Jakarta
170:33chalkwhitehandsKings to the Brightness
172:12dronetrack2leaky realms of a good intension
173:14iN sCissorSChapter IV - Sub Stillicidio Insectile Cathedral
180:37Red Army State Chorus and EnsembleMarch of the Tanks
183:11iN sCissorSChapter IV - Sub Stillicidio Insectile Cathedral

This book is cheerfully dedicated to those greatest and most heroic of all human endeavors, WAR and WARFARE; may they never cease to give us the pleasure, excitement and adrenal stimulation that we need, or provide us with the heroes, the presidents and the leaders, the monuments and museums which we erect to them in the name of PEACE.

- James Jones, The Thin Red Line (1962)