The Dark

Drone, Martial Industrial, Ritual Ambient
Sadayatana Podcast #71
Average Bitrate: 155kbps mp3
Cover: Pere Ginard
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Review at Sadayatana #71

The show starts with another mashup of Mystified's music. An old 78 that was more groovy noise than anything else.

The show featured a live set from Joel Sutton in his guise as Crystal Dreams, thank you Joel for a dark ambient set.

New Zreen Toyz, The Implicit Order and the music of Vladimir Hirsch were both featured to good effect. A fun show that closed with another 78 personally recorded for Sadayatana by CP McDill. Thank you CP McDill!
00:00Chorus conducted by August MannsHandel festival:
02:41MystifiedHowling Cradle
10:17Balkar WachholzAegri Somnia
17:07Vladimír HirschEísodos
23:38Front Sonore Vs Mork SkogSuffering
39:58The Implicit OrderDeclination
46:42Zreen ToyzIndustrial Swamp Singularity
54:07Akoustik Timbre FrekuencyKalibration of thee Gods
62:46Akoustik Timbre FrekuencyOutbak
79:51Crystal DreamsSadayatana [LIVE]
89:38Barbarossa Umtrunk07-Barbarossa Umtrunk-Orages d'Acier
100:16Zreen ToyzOrchestral Ringlets
100:22Zreen ToyzModelling Workshop
100:32Zreen ToyzPolyglot Palaver
100:39Zreen ToyzPoisoned Area [Bonus Track]
107:01Nagual ArtMother and the History
110:58Vladimir HirschSymphonyNo.3-Xiii.Ondeggiando.AllegrettoPocoMosso
121:37Zr19.8409-Zr19.84-Elegance And Brutality (Death Of A Man)
129:57Cosmoloka3. Òåððèòîðèÿ_Íåâåðîÿòíîñòè
136:37Vladimir HirschSymphonyNo.3-Xiii.Ondeggiando.AllegrettoPocoMosso
141:51Stahlwerk 9Kurs Nordwest
145:26Dead Man's HillThe Masks Of Egypt
148:05Zreen ToyzPocket Refinery
158:02Vladimír HirschDóxa
163:59Joe Stevens & Luis Antero01.JoeStevens-WeymouthCarnival
167:42Vladimír HirschEntheí Arní
174:58Eddie South OrchestraLa Cumparsita
177:37Darkness And SilenceIII

I like the dark. It's friendly.

- Irena Dubrovna, Cat People (1942)