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In The Name of Peace

Dark Ambient, Drone, Martial Industrial
Sadayatana Podcast #73
Average Bitrate: 144kbps mp3
Cover: ssoosay
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A mixture of martial industrial and religious and devotional musics, chant, drone etc. Themes of warfare and the transitory nature of existence run throughout.

New release from, KolpakopF: "Immersion dans l'air".

Call to prayer and Indonesian rain courtesy of the Indonesian Sound Archive. Thank you.

Thanks again to C.P. McDill, the mastermind behind Webbed Hand Records for another great 78 to close the show.
00:00Dunkel AestheticsVltimvs Dies Evropa (edit/remix)
04:19DemagolkaSelf-Inflicted Fractures
13:48Vladimír HirschAghiatrias: Semen
22:29BedozeSirens on Bagdah
28:11Derek BaconMosque In The Rain
30:02SALAKAPAKKA SOUND SYSTEMThe end of christianity... as we know it
34:02KolpakopFImmersion dans l air
47:41Black Cinema With Kenji SiratoriPhase II
53:52KolpakopFImmersion dans l air
62:05Depsos, Bintaro, JakartaRain in Jakarta
64:39Torsten HentschelNox Obscurus I
84:17Marc-Henri ArfeuxScansion
86:42Torsten HentschelNox Obscurus I
89:49Ices OvMemoria
102:15KraftfaghrkorpsGefallenen Soldaten
107:09SunDummySpanish Moss
110:33Vesica PiscisFloors of Hum, Walls of Hiss
114:48chalkwhitehandsFive Killing Charms
117:27iN sCissorSChapter I - The Veratrine Verses Cmxcix
119:56Ices OvMemoria
129:08AutopsiaFactory Ritual I
131:44SanhedrinInvisible Again
134:49life toward twilight"this peculiar phenomenon"
137:41SanhedrinInvisible Again
140:26DocN.O.P.D. Blues
149:09CisfinitumLandschaft II
155:54CisfinitumDistrict Delta
161:27CisfinitumLandschaft II
165:58chalkwhitehandsKings to the Brightness
169:10Derek BaconMasjid Baiturrahman Bintaro Jakarta
170:33chalkwhitehandsKings to the Brightness
172:12dronetrack2leaky realms of a good intension
173:14iN sCissorSChapter IV - Sub Stillicidio Insectile Cathedral
180:37Red Army State Chorus and EnsembleMarch of the Tanks
183:11iN sCissorSChapter IV - Sub Stillicidio Insectile Cathedral

This book is cheerfully dedicated to those greatest and most heroic of all human endeavors, WAR and WARFARE; may they never cease to give us the pleasure, excitement and adrenal stimulation that we need, or provide us with the heroes, the presidents and the leaders, the monuments and museums which we erect to them in the name of PEACE.

- James Jones, The Thin Red Line (1962)

Monstrous Fancies

Dark Ambient, Salon Bruit, Drone
Sadayatana Podcast #72
Average Bitrate: 144kbps mp3
Cover: Pere Ginard
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Some tracks from the new Joe Frawley: 13 Houses and The Mermaid . Very groovy as usual.

Extensive use was make of the soundtracks of videos by Lifeloop and friends. At first I was just going to play this material as I find it rather compelling but then I discovered it's a type of electro-acoustic music called "Salon Bruit". I'll have to look into this more later but whatever it is, it made up a substantial part of the show. I like it.

New Mystified was featured as well. Gotta love those Mystified drones. One track sounded like a trip to Tibet. I hear he got himself a Jiggs pBone --I don't know either, but it sounds cool. Very cool.

Also new music from Subterrestrial, Nux Vomica and Gimu. It was a fun show. A bit of a different sound. Some of it is low-fi and low volume. It sounds like you're listening from another room. The effect is good though.
00:00Marshall McLuhanThe Medium is the Massage, Side A
00:16pixyblink666 On The Am Dial
05:35Lifeloop And Medium(H)avareGrange
13:21MystifiedBone Drone 16
17:24Liberty News GroupChoosing Our Future (clip 9 short)
19:35MystifiedBone Drone 18
19:35LiFeLooP and hexlervideo clip of darkness and light (July 9, 2010)
23:14MystifiedBone Drone 17
23:35Liberty News GroupChoosing Our Future (clip 1)
33:11Nux VomicaThe Artifacts of Visitacion (a suite)
43:41Lifeloop and AxoltlShivers/Video (August 1, 2001)
51:12Liberty News GroupChoosing Our Future (clip 8)
52:01Angie Yeowell (USA)14.08.10 - Camp Tipsy, Klein Wall, near Berlin
58:42noisiVil_n_ya_plus_rien (video) (January 16, 2002)
63:16Mahmoud Refat (EG)26.01.07 - Kastanien Allee 77, Prenzlauerberg, Berlin
68:26Lifeloop and ColdComSnuffy, The Video (January 1, 2001)
69:18noisiV and KeyframedVariations_Loire Keyframed
71:30Preslav Literary School (UK)14.08.10 - Camp Tipsy, Klein Wall, near Berlin
74:49Lifeloop, Sylvain Berthaux and Baris DogrusoezBerlin Video Postcard (November 11, 2001)
77:40D'InciseThe fields remain while the recorder has long vanished
83:02Joe FrawleyOne
85:10Nux VomicaNV 47thprop part2 filtered
94:36Lifeloop And Medium(H)avareRawwar Video (November 11, 2007)
101:39Kwisp SturgeonsSecret-Lunchbox
106:31Jon 7undulation
110:53Kirill PlatonkinPines At Sunset (Part 1)
115:23Joe FrawleySome Kind of Womb
127:58Lifeloop and AxoltlPrag_Video_Postcard (November 11, 2001)
139:11Lifeloop/Stoerfan Sender/Fake Mistress/Nexus15.08.10 - Session at the end of the Festival - Camp Tipsy, Klein Wall, near Berlin
151:14GimuHighly Expected pending Doom
164:33Liberty News GroupChoosing Our Future (clip 4)
170:16noisiVil_n_ya_plus_rien (video) (January 16, 2002)
174:50Fake Mistress (DE)30.10.08 - Roxy, NoiseNoD Festival, Prag, Czech Republic
177:56Liberty News GroupChoosing Our Future (clip 10)
178:20Cortijo y su ComboMoliendo Cafe
181:18MystifiedBone Drone 15

It was true that as one watched life in its curious crucible of pain and pleasure, one could not wear over one's face a mask of glass, nor keep the sulphurous fumes from troubling the brain and making the imagination turbid with monstrous fancies and misshapen dreams. There were poisons so subtle that to know their properties one had to sicken of them. There were maladies so strange that one had to pass through them if one sought to understand their nature.

- Oscar Wilde, The Picture of Dorian Gray (1890)

The Dark

Drone, Martial Industrial, Ritual Ambient
Sadayatana Podcast #71
Average Bitrate: 155kbps mp3
Cover: Pere Ginard
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Review at Sadayatana #71

The show starts with another mashup of Mystified's music. An old 78 that was more groovy noise than anything else.

The show featured a live set from Joel Sutton in his guise as Crystal Dreams, thank you Joel for a dark ambient set.

New Zreen Toyz, The Implicit Order and the music of Vladimir Hirsch were both featured to good effect. A fun show that closed with another 78 personally recorded for Sadayatana by CP McDill. Thank you CP McDill!
00:00Chorus conducted by August MannsHandel festival:
02:41MystifiedHowling Cradle
10:17Balkar WachholzAegri Somnia
17:07Vladimír HirschEísodos
23:38Front Sonore Vs Mork SkogSuffering
39:58The Implicit OrderDeclination
46:42Zreen ToyzIndustrial Swamp Singularity
54:07Akoustik Timbre FrekuencyKalibration of thee Gods
62:46Akoustik Timbre FrekuencyOutbak
79:51Crystal DreamsSadayatana [LIVE]
89:38Barbarossa Umtrunk07-Barbarossa Umtrunk-Orages d'Acier
100:16Zreen ToyzOrchestral Ringlets
100:22Zreen ToyzModelling Workshop
100:32Zreen ToyzPolyglot Palaver
100:39Zreen ToyzPoisoned Area [Bonus Track]
107:01Nagual ArtMother and the History
110:58Vladimir HirschSymphonyNo.3-Xiii.Ondeggiando.AllegrettoPocoMosso
121:37Zr19.8409-Zr19.84-Elegance And Brutality (Death Of A Man)
129:57Cosmoloka3. Òåððèòîðèÿ_Íåâåðîÿòíîñòè
136:37Vladimir HirschSymphonyNo.3-Xiii.Ondeggiando.AllegrettoPocoMosso
141:51Stahlwerk 9Kurs Nordwest
145:26Dead Man's HillThe Masks Of Egypt
148:05Zreen ToyzPocket Refinery
158:02Vladimír HirschDóxa
163:59Joe Stevens & Luis Antero01.JoeStevens-WeymouthCarnival
167:42Vladimír HirschEntheí Arní
174:58Eddie South OrchestraLa Cumparsita
177:37Darkness And SilenceIII

I like the dark. It's friendly.

- Irena Dubrovna, Cat People (1942)

Mirrors and Insects

Isolationism, Dark Ambient, Soundscapes
Sadayatana Podcast #70
Average Bitrate: 147kbps mp3
Cover: bigheadedrobot
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Review at Sadayatana #70

This one reflects my mood at the time. Dark, grim, isolated. A lot of snow type sounds. Like you're lost in the tundra or something. My grim mood turned into your listening pleasure. I think...
00:00The Implicit OrderI Am Not Resigned
01:50Deep Frozen LandsMirage in ice desert
08:02Darkened SoulNighttime Dreams
10:11NEBELAbyssus abyssum invocat
14:34Deep Frozen LandsLife of the polar explorer
22:08MetamorfrozenDiamond Dust
25:45Wavespan & MystifiedDark Corridor (Mystified Remix)
38:57Kirill PlatonkinBlack Snow
57:46Invisible WavesNielaistu (Silent Snow and Krae Dui remix)
62:49Deep Frozen LandsAnomaly in the night forest
73:00MetamorfrozenMountains of Madness
88:51Deepfrozenlands & [N.K.72]The north sector of fourth level
94:32Deep Frozen LandsPolar Day
99:35(o)†HERS & The Implicit OrderThe Swarm
105:21McKlainSin Salida
110:59Seetyca & Etheocles StevensResurrection
132:24Nubiferouson Iron Mountain
137:17Seetyca & Etheocles StevensResurrection
139:23Deep Frozen LandsWhite Horizons
149:11Neon LotusV
156:26MetamorfrozenAurora Australis
162:05StuzhaThrough The Snowfield
163:20Kit Watkins and Mister VaporThought Tones Volume One-Part Four (Mister Vapor Remix)
165:08foselinquiry before snow
169:43CephalophoreGloom / Gloom (y remix) / Red Room Riddle
175:02Deep Frozen LandsNightmare
177:36Paul WhitemanMy Blue Heaven (1927)

I dreamt four nights ago of clock hands descending from the universe like rain, of the moon as a green eye, of mirrors and insects, of a love that never withdrew. It was not the feeling of completeness that I so needed, but the feeling of not being empty.

- Jonathan Safran Foer, Everything Is Illuminated

The Inevitable Hour

Drone, Experimental, Noise
Sadayatana Podcast #69
Average Bitrate: 151kbps mp3
Cover: Jaya Prime
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Review at Sadayatana #69

Mostly this show is about automated random whispers over drones and stretched out classical music. Much inspiration is taken from the music of György Ligeti. It works fairly well and I enjoy result. I think you will too.

Whispers provided by Ayn Morgan reading (whispering) from Antoine de Saint-Exupéry's "The Little Prince", Charles Baudelaire's "Flowers of Evil" and T.S. Eliot's "The Wasteland". Thank you Ayn.
00:00Hidekazu Wakabayashi and Lap DancerInvocation: Sacred Rites
04:00w.xThe Vanishing Sea
07:15Metek Vs. NordBeckRed Sun
33:21GloboscuroCome un Finale
35:26Edith Lorand & Her OrchestraVie d'artiste / Künsterleben (Johann Strauss II) (stretched)
47:32Audran Arcanekstatic_0010 (edit, stretched)
64:24Filip GoreckiGondola
69:40MendigoTetauro F
74:38MendigoTetauro I
90:46MystifiedTrack Twenty-Three
92:31MystifiedTrack Twenty-Three
100:47GloboscuroAutopsia Solare
115:00Playing With NunsMeasure Work
119:52Christian Galarretaespacio sonoro autogenerado
123:04SobotaIntenso Funcionamento Cerebral
126:19Christian Galarretaespacio sonoro autogenerado
128:23LuciftiasSuspension VII: The Tenth Key
131:59LuciftiasThe Great Gray Beast (Alpha)
143:03Darkness And SilenceVacuum Horrendum
147:54Il TagliaBlue
150:39Circle of PinesCove Point
156:06LuciftiasRitual 1.0
162:14Backyard GhostFormaldehyde
166:23Nagual ArtDie 3 Kinder von Fatima
171:08Nagual ArtProzession
174:59LuciftiasDarkness Absolute
178:04Red Army State Chorus and EnsembleMarch of the Tanks
180:40LuciftiasDronosphere II

The boast of heraldry, the pomp of power,
And all that beauty, all that wealth e'er gave,
Awaits alike the inevitable hour.
The paths of glory lead but to the grave.

- Thomas Gray, Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard