Genuine New Universe

Dark Ambient, Ritual, Drone
Sadayatana Podcast #65
Average Bitrate: 153kbps mp3
Cover: Otto Magus
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Thanks again to CP McDill for recording some of 78s for the show. He did some additional work on the one included in this show. He calls it "Kalinka (chopped and screwed)". Hard to beat that.
00:00Drunk On The Blood Of AngelsIntro
00:09Drunk On The Blood Of AngelsWitches
05:52Dizzonanz DomesticThe 5 1/2 Minute Hallway
10:49VozrozhdeniyaEl Mar Habla Conmigo
12:46VozrozhdeniyaI Guess I'll Wait For You Here
16:53Rigel OrionisVariation Ten
21:54NorssGodendrank Gif
26:58The LargeSmall Galaxies
37:19Nagual ArtAdoria
41:59KrabatofSea of trees
46:56NiektoMoning lake
51:46KrabatofSea of trees
54:21bulletheadaudiotrack 02
58:44Marc Egeacycle_03
60:57Zreen ToyzThrough Abyssal Plain
69:14PolluxElectric Sky Mix (Part1)
70:35Noise ResearchCosmic Stones-Noise Research
99:28VA/Green Field RecordingsSala Bycicling Through The Wood 2011
101:45François-Emmanuel FodéréMuezzin, bells & insect
105:32Noise ResearchSpace Stones-Noise Research
108:59Narcotic NoiseSilence
126:38Noise ResearchSpace Stones-Noise Research
135:53PalancarMarch 1, 2008 (Tragedy Interrupted)
145:57Epsilon EridaniAlbanese Pray
149:47Darkened SoulThe Advent of Spring
153:38Rabbi Stacey Blank of congregation Darchei Noam, Ramat HasharonVe'Ahavta
153:42Darkened SoulThe Advent of Spring
156:06Nagual ArtCathedral of Tears (Backyard Ghost Remix)
164:03Nagual ArtS.H.J.
165:19CosmomachiaDeliberately Contracting Syphilis
167:12Backyard GhostDiary of an Opium Taker
175:05bulletheadaudiotrack 04
176:06Nina TarasovaKalinka (chopped & screwed)
181:38Bob Wills & His Texas Playboys, featuring Tommy DuncanLittle Cowboy Lullaby

We don't want to scare people away; religion has become a touchy subject. It will only be after a few tries that they realize the two different aspects: the lack of a time lapse and the other, perhaps the more vital. That it isn’t fantasy, that they enter a genuine new universe.

- Philip K. Dick, The Three Stigmata Of Palmer Eldritch