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Pandered in Whispers

Field Recordings, Drone, Dark Ambient
Sadayatana Podcast #68
Average Bitrate: 147kbps mp3
Cover: kr428
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Review at Sadayatana #68

The show opens with a track by C.P. McDill in his guise as Ice Guild Kaiser that was released just prior to the show. And then closes with a 78 he recorded for Sadayatana. Thank you C.P. McDill!

Got to play in it's entirety the track that Luís Antero prepared for the show "Sadayatana a Tribute". It will be released later on Buddhist on Fire. Thank you Luís Antero.

Thank you to Luciftias for his track "Dronosphere II". This track was prepared using binaural beat theta brainwave syncronization. I don't really know what this means but it sounds really cool and the music does too. This will also be an upcoming release on Buddhist on Fire.
00:00Ice Guild KaiserThe Nowhere Specialist
09:32foselobjective mote
16:40Xalm RetributionNo Return Pt.1
20:08Luís AnteroSadayatana (a tribute)
55:38LuciftiasDronosphere II
109:27i AM esperExplosion Of The Red Giant
112:21My Day is GoneFinal End, Maze's Law
120:50Medicine ManNo Title
123:45i AM esperEchoes From A Cold Planet
125:41SamsangelswingUrbanization & Industrialization
130:16Tom MansellFollowing the Trash Dumping Guy
131:51Virgilio Oliveira/GFRPrimeiro Comboionagozelo Do Douro
135:06Nik XaOSApocalyptic death machine
145:52KolpakopFLes eclats d’automne
152:42litmus0001Elusian Nurture Synthesis
154:29My Day Is GoneFinal End, Doomed Under a Black Haze
161:50Edu ComellesPlaza del Carmen
163:07ElysiumDevoured By Daemons
166:25Narcotic NoiseReverse Engineering of Alien Craft
172:53My Day is GoneFinal End, Lie and Silence
176:57Irene West Royal HawaiiansKilima Waltz
180:07LuciftiasDronosphere II

And as the moon rose higher the inessential houses began to melt away until gradually I became aware of the old island here that flowered once for Dutch sailors’ eyes — a fresh, green breast of the new world. Its vanished trees, the trees that had made way for Gatsby’s house, had once pandered in whispers to the last and greatest of all human dreams; for a transitory enchanted moment man must have held his breath in the presence of this continent, compelled into an aesthetic contemplation he neither understood nor desired, face to face for the last time in history with something commensurate to his capacity for wonder.

- F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby

Beast People

Witch House, Drone, Field Recordings
Sadayatana Podcast #67
Average Bitrate: 152kbps mp3
Cover: Boston Public Library
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Review at Sadayatana #67

Show starts with a collage and looping of tracks by Universos Virtuales (fantastic!) and generally moves into drone territory and layering of samples taken from the Librivox recording of H.G. Wells' "The Island of Dr. Moreau".

The samples were woven into the mix via a script that selected then at random then delayed the selection and playing of the next sample by a random interval. It worked well but you can hear a sample colliding with the voice over / podcast id. Oh well, this is what experiments are for.

Excerpts were played of a tribute to Sadayatana by Luís Antero. Thank you Luís. Very nice.

Particular use was made of Graham Dunning's release "Recompiled 2010 - 2011". Fantastic stuff.

A couple tracks from the "Witch House" release by Kulam+++Barang "Albularyo Prime"

A crunchy and textured time was had by all. This show includes tracks by Backyard Ghost, Black Winds, Cdrx, C. Reider / Tarkatak, Digital Mass, Epsilon Eridani, Graham Dunning, Kulam+++Barang, Kluge, Luciftias, Luís Antero, Melophobia, M.Nomized/the Implicit Order, Morpheus, Peter Leshtchenko, Ricardo Webbens, Rigel Orionis, The Ghost Between The Strings, Universos Virtuales, Wings Of An Angel, Zreen Toyz.

Yes Vuvuzelas are heard to excess at the start of the show. Somehow it works great.
00:00Universos VirtualesEl fin del 13vo B'ak'tun
13:14Ricardo Webbens00 99 Anonymous Mixtape 3
13:20Melophobiaeternal defeat of the village dog
13:21Universos VirtualesSin Luz
20:48Universos VirtualesDesde El Nuevo Mundo intervencin A Dvorak
22:15KlugeLost In A Past Life
32:45Rigel OrionisVariation Twelve
40:53Wings Of An AngelIn This Haunted City, The Cold Suffocating Darkness Goes On Forever And I Am All Alone Against The World (Sitting By The Open Window Amidst The Godforsaken Alleys Of The Old Central Bus Station And Quietly Observing God's Eternal Madness And The Devil's Inscrutable Wisdom)
44:59Wings Of An AngelIn Memoriam Of Everybody And Everything I Have Ever Loved And Have Forever Lost: May You Rest In Peace Ad Infinitum, My Dear And Beloved (How Terrible It Is To Love Something That Death Can Touch...)
48:29Graham DunningBritish Steam
53:55Graham DunningThe Bulging, Rust-Eaten Plates That Kept Back The Ocean
65:14Kulam+++BarangΝσ βαπαπαδ
70:53Graham DunningTo Look At Her Sinking
75:54Luís AnteroSadayatana (a tribute)
83:57Epsilon EridaniValle Del Silencio
87:37C. Reider / TarkatakPueth Drer Cidris (Aunbrae / Norr / Vollenkon / Vara Överens / Lark / Tog)
97:57MorpheusEtemenenanki (Babel)
101:19Digital MassThe Blackening Spiral of Sleep
105:23Black WindsMemories Of A Dreamer's Past (Featuring Pixyblink)
111:18The Ghost Between The StringsSwallowed By Your Own Wound
117:09The Ghost Between The StringsThe Fire From Below
134:34Zreen ToyzWatery Landscape
139:19Luís AnteroSadayatana (a tribute)
139:37Luís AnteroSadayatana (a tribute)
146:58MorpheusCeremony Of Innocence
150:47cdrxRock'n'roll station
154:40cdrxTransit area
157:21Kulam+++BarangTalalora Tel Aviv 1: Hinugot sa Dilim
166:31M.Nomized/The Implicit OrderUntitled/Biomekanik Giger Mix (M.Nomized Remix)
171:50Backyard GhostTumulus
179:39Peter LeshtchenkoSkutchno
182:29LuciftiasTo Invoke Night Within The Mind (Part 1)

...the Law, especially among the feline Beast People, became oddly weakened about nightfall; that then the animal was at its strongest; that a spirit of adventure sprang up in them at the dusk, when they would dare things they never seemed to dream about by day.

- H.G. Wells, The Island of Dr. Moreau

Time Zero

Ghost, Ritual, Shamanic, Spiritualism
Sadayatana Podcast #66
Average Bitrate: 160kbps mp3
Cover: bd75011 le blog de Manuel F. Picaud
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Direct URL: Time Zero
Review at Sadayatana #66

This one fashioned from tracks selected at random 10 minutes before show time. Not random exactly but picked via some secret intelligence built into a program I wrote. My way of collaborating with God so to speak.

I like the way it came out. Hope you do too.

The usual crunchy ambient sounds with drone, sound collage and some looping. Includes music of Akoustik Timbre Frekuency, Akumu, Argedco Dosig G Manin, Backyard Ghost, Barbara Schubert, Dupage Symphony Orchestra, Chris Carter, Cisfinitum, Claudio Curciotti, Digital Mass, Drone Wallah, Drunkonthebloodofangels, Edge Of October, Etienne Michelet, Exit, Gastón Arévalo, Halgrath, Impostor, Joxfield Projex, Kenji Siratori Feat. Tardive Dyskinesia, Kristus Kut, Legion, L'horrible Passion, Luis Antero, Meta:Human, Mike Radice, Morpheus, Mz-N710, Nagual Art, Obscure Visions, Pixyblink, Planetzoo, Playing With Nuns, Pregnant Spore, Radio Mu, Seance Noire, Shane Morris, (Thresh*ld).
00:00Joxfield ProjeXBut Nothing Is Really Useless
01:09PlanetzooNeurocysticercosis Abuse
05:35ImpostorBinary Life
09:50Argedco Dosig g ManinSelection Four
12:27Mike RadiceUnify
13:13Obscure VisionsAlternate Home
15:27Mike RadiceUnify
16:35DrunkOnTheBloodOfAngelsWoodland Eve
24:21Edge of Octoberdescent
27:21ExitSleep (part one)
30:38CisfinitumTrack 08
32:45Drone WallahWomble-Cropped
44:54Akoustik Timbre FrekuencyKalibration of thee Gods
53:04Playing with nunsWave Equation
58:44Kristus KutDood Bloed
63:17Etienne Michelet02
65:18Seance noireSn2
67:23Nagual ArtThe 1631 Daemon
72:41HalgrathMetal Scream
76:38Seance noireMes nuits sont plus belles que vos jours 1
79:40PixyblinkOur Darling
84:17Seance noireSn6
86:37HalgrathDeep Underwater Darkest Tale
92:23luis anteroAlvoco022011 Park Merend
94:50Claudio CurciottiMumbay. Morning glory
98:57Backyard GhostStrigoi
107:49Akoustik Timbre FrekuencyBhairavas
114:16Kristus KutSuck My Blood
114:36Akoustik Timbre FrekuencyMahapralaya
118:42Kristus KutSilence Of Cohibition
120:45AkumuThe Hive (Part 1)
129:05Kenji Siratori feat. Tardive Dyskinesia4_Massacre_Machine
135:00Shane MorrisShortwave Sample 30
135:38Digital MassThe Blackening Spiral of Sleep
137:55AkumuThe Descent
142:47Pregnant SporePurple Sunlight Rise
147:27AkumuThe Descent
149:58Chris CarterCCCL LepLoop Experiment
153:37Gastón Arévalomarea live
156:17Radio MUTriplanetary 1
158:06shane morrisdmv
160:45luis anteroLevada Ze Pais Ambulancia
163:34ImpostorMonotonous Stress
165:09LegionBurial of the Books
167:31L'Horrible PassionApatheia (or the story of a girl trapped in a world of madness)
176:27MorpheusPlaying with the fire
178:54Barbara Schubert; DuPage Symphony OrchestraProkofiev: Romeo and Juliet, Suite No. 2, Op. 64ter/I. Montagues and Capulets
180:47Akoustik Timbre FrekuencyMahapralaya

The conventions of relativity say that time slows down as one approaches the speed of light, but if one tries to imagine the point of view of a thing made of light, one must realize that what is never mentioned is that if one moves at the speed of light there is no time whatsoever. There is an experience of time zero.

- Terence McKenna

Genuine New Universe

Dark Ambient, Ritual, Drone
Sadayatana Podcast #65
Average Bitrate: 153kbps mp3
Cover: Otto Magus
Podcast Mirror Site:
Direct URL: Genuine New Universe
Review at Sadayatana #65

Thanks again to CP McDill for recording some of 78s for the show. He did some additional work on the one included in this show. He calls it "Kalinka (chopped and screwed)". Hard to beat that.
00:00Drunk On The Blood Of AngelsIntro
00:09Drunk On The Blood Of AngelsWitches
05:52Dizzonanz DomesticThe 5 1/2 Minute Hallway
10:49VozrozhdeniyaEl Mar Habla Conmigo
12:46VozrozhdeniyaI Guess I'll Wait For You Here
16:53Rigel OrionisVariation Ten
21:54NorssGodendrank Gif
26:58The LargeSmall Galaxies
37:19Nagual ArtAdoria
41:59KrabatofSea of trees
46:56NiektoMoning lake
51:46KrabatofSea of trees
54:21bulletheadaudiotrack 02
58:44Marc Egeacycle_03
60:57Zreen ToyzThrough Abyssal Plain
69:14PolluxElectric Sky Mix (Part1)
70:35Noise ResearchCosmic Stones-Noise Research
99:28VA/Green Field RecordingsSala Bycicling Through The Wood 2011
101:45François-Emmanuel FodéréMuezzin, bells & insect
105:32Noise ResearchSpace Stones-Noise Research
108:59Narcotic NoiseSilence
126:38Noise ResearchSpace Stones-Noise Research
135:53PalancarMarch 1, 2008 (Tragedy Interrupted)
145:57Epsilon EridaniAlbanese Pray
149:47Darkened SoulThe Advent of Spring
153:38Rabbi Stacey Blank of congregation Darchei Noam, Ramat HasharonVe'Ahavta
153:42Darkened SoulThe Advent of Spring
156:06Nagual ArtCathedral of Tears (Backyard Ghost Remix)
164:03Nagual ArtS.H.J.
165:19CosmomachiaDeliberately Contracting Syphilis
167:12Backyard GhostDiary of an Opium Taker
175:05bulletheadaudiotrack 04
176:06Nina TarasovaKalinka (chopped & screwed)
181:38Bob Wills & His Texas Playboys, featuring Tommy DuncanLittle Cowboy Lullaby

We don't want to scare people away; religion has become a touchy subject. It will only be after a few tries that they realize the two different aspects: the lack of a time lapse and the other, perhaps the more vital. That it isn’t fantasy, that they enter a genuine new universe.

- Philip K. Dick, The Three Stigmata Of Palmer Eldritch