Dark Dream

Dark Ambient
Sadayatana Podcast #64
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Cover: Otto Magus
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Thanks to C.P. McDill for recording some of his 78s especially for Sadayatana. You'll hear one at the end of this show. C.P. McDill says:

"Recorded off a totally acoustic wind-up gramophone... a portable Phonola from the 30s, popular with picnickers and soldiers. in good shape..."

"I used to take it to Prospect Park... someone asked me to turn it down. I said 'it only has one volume: ON'..."

And to all the artists who release their music with a creative commons license: without you there is no Sadayatana. Thank you.
00:00Red AlertPart A
13:45Thanato Twist with Oleg's sound systemparadis matinal
15:42Thanato Twist with Oleg's sound systemmarche funebre
15:44Thanato Twist with Oleg's sound systemstagnant waters in G's eyes
15:54StereotronMission 1
22:59CP McDillGoat Encompasses 1
30:26CP McDillGoat Encompasses 2a
33:31Zreen ToyzThe Schnitzler Suite (incised version)
34:13CP McDillGoat Encompasses 1 (reversed)
37:30SonorefictionMox Critique
37:57Zreen ToyzThe Schnitzler Suite (incised version)
43:47Void DevilsUnknown Recording #1
47:11Leonid M. Zhest'Empty City
52:17Caerula SanguisCessation of Body
56:34Caerula SanguisThe Last Order
60:37ANGELswinghe started to couhg
63:17Rose RedThe Nephilim
75:13Cousin SilasShards Of Dark
78:14Deep DimentionIm Ambientum
81:56Anton Mobin and PlanetaldolNot Secure Space
92:46(dell.tree)100 60 690 morts
96:25razxca015 Vvveiuhc
98:45Ghost ReflectionAltar Chamber (infinite)
104:18Ryuta.kNewest Bolshevik District
108:11CosmolokaSacral Prelude
110:02Audio GourmetMagnetic Implosion
112:48Vladimír HirschPrólogos
125:08ClutterWhile My Baby Gently Sleeps
127:03CP McDillGoat Encompasses 2a (reversed)
131:16cdrxm,c, diva
131:51CP McDillGoat Encompasses 3 (reversed)
135:18cdrxm,c, diva
137:13Tribe Of AstronautsAs Cold As Space
137:41Joe FrawleySecretary in Slowmo
142:54Akashic Crow's NestAntikythera pt 2
158:21LuciftiasSuspension I: Summoning
161:47Restiveshafted by the light
165:23Bunk DataGranite Shelves
168:43cdrxTransit area
172:52cdrxleaving damascus
178:22Nina TarasovaKalinka
181:10CP McDillGoat Encompasses 3

As the night wind blows, the boughs move to and fro. The rustling, the magic rustling that brings on the dark dream.

- The Log Lady, Twin Peaks, Episode 14