Smooth Road

Dark Ambient, Chopped and Screwed
Sadayatana Podcast #63
Average Bitrate: 140kbps mp3
Cover: hipea
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At some point after moving out to Houston I heard about a genre of music called "Chopped and Screwed". I always try to burrow into whatever local scene exists. If there is not support for the local scene there is no music scene....

Ya anyway, looking forward to my first taste of "Chopped and Screwed", when I finally heard some I was sorely disappointed. It's music that sounds like you're overdosing on cough medicine ya see. What the hell is the crap? [I asked myself.]

Recently we had some joking discussion in the irc chat room during one of the shows at "what exactly is Chopped and Screwed music?" I thought well, I can maybe find some that is ambient enough to use in the show. The result is as you will hear. This is kind of related to the Witch House show I did a while back: Another Room.

Experimental. A little weird. Don't take any of this as a suggestion that it's ok to abuse cough medicine. It's not.
00:54Out Of Orion (Ox3)The Doom That Came To Sarnath
03:12Robert LaBargeUncoded 31
13:04Robert LaBargeUncoded 31
18:14Robert LaBargeUncoded 31
18:27Spencer Chicken LoveboyI Love Spencer Chicken Loveboy
19:50Robert LaBargeUncoded 31
23:47Ka-baalim & Bunk DataSix Hundred and Eleven
25:12Pretty Hemp PrincessChristina Christianly Copulating (with) Paris (CCCP)
29:45AtumTetma II
36:05The Implicit OrderCar Crash 1989
37:03fukkitolHolly Tape
38:04Saluki RegicideMechanical Mind
41:56Insect HumanEclectic Zen Storm Rotorion
58:06InfetuBlack Veil Rejection
65:02Cezary Gapik0426
69:13Obscure VisionsRoad II
73:54Mystified & Saluki RegicideRadio Transmitter
73:55Saluki RegicideTea Leaves
79:28Anime HillApproaching Gila
82:26Anime HillApproaching Gila
88:40Anime HillApproaching Gila
92:58DjinnestanBird Gears
98:56Darkened SoulWinter's Cold Stare
105:04HoarfrosTThe Smell Of Humidity
107:57Vacio Perfecto | PharmakustikMECCANISMORTE 03
116:49Front SonoreBroadcast 7-21-44
117:04Occurrences In RainDreams Of The Womb Provided A False Contentment
120:11Front SonoreAntiVivisektion
123:21KRVTinnitus Tolling
126:19EncephalousHigh Society: Mind If I Make Screw To You?
129:57Exuviae & Kenji SiratoriSpiralworld
131:29EncephalousA Mariachi Brass Section Will Always Play Dru Hill (If You Ask Nicely)
133:37Exuviae & Kenji SiratoriSpiralworld
136:11EncephalousEvery Time I Close My Eyes I Thank Michael For
137:30SamsaDevine Subconsciousness
140:21Robert LaBargeUncoded 31
143:04Pretty Hemp Princess
146:24Pretty Hemp PrincessNo...NO. The Red Bull Killed
148:54Robert LaBargeUncoded 31
150:33Backyard GhostLowlands
159:03Mika MartiniGolfo de Penas
162:36John LithiumEnter : A Soul Of Corrupted Darkness
164:46Mika MartiniCanales de Piedra y Canoas de Piel
167:12Leonid M. Zhest'KaYA (Memory & Future)
168:51Morphine Banditspirals And Lines
181:01Fats Waller And His RhythmHoneysuckle Rose
183:16Pretty Hemp PrincessUNCUT: Screw Found A Computer (And Swapped The Robitussin For Hallucinogens)

Ours is essentially a tragic age, so we refuse to take it tragically. The cataclysm has happened, we are among the ruins, we start to build up new little habitats, to have new little hopes. It is rather hard work: there is now no smooth road into the future: but we go round, or scramble over the obstacles. We've got to live, no matter how many skies have fallen.

- -- D.H. Lawrence, Lady Chatterley's Lover