Muffled Dramas

Experimental, Noise, Field Recordings
Sadayatana Podcast #62
Average Bitrate: 155kbps mp3
Cover: ssoosay
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00:00Krispen HartungThe Ambient Wasp
05:45RedSkLiquor Store Raid (Ethanol VS Blood Mix by Pollux)
08:48Christian Galarretahbtcn Bs As
10:41Vanishing PointLow Flying Aircraft
11:15Christian Galarretahbtcn Bs As
13:15John TocherTrain at Dayton South and Main
13:50Anastasia VronskiThe Blaze
16:56w.xOrbital Floor Fragment
16:59Anastasia VronskiThe Blaze
30:59Heiliges Licht & NeurokampfLichtwärts
33:48SirsCry in Silence
37:24L'Horrible PassionThe League of Nations
41:21TokageAct 2
43:44Front Sonore Vs Durch Heer und KraftSweethearts at war
46:23Pablo Ribot with God PussyHitchcock's Dream
48:49Lunar BloodThe End of Bodily Existence
50:34Cajska Carlsson & Krakov LetovA Landscape Etched in Time
54:20Doc & Lena SelyaninaSwinging In A Secret Garden
63:17Juan José Calarco, Manrico Montero, Pablo RecheEmbalse (I)
68:4612 Gates to the CityCicadas Near Old Bridge
71:25Vanishing PointCloud Sculptors Of Coral D
73:01Vanishing PointA Question Of Reentry
76:23TurmoilFormaldehyde ( Over the Edge Radio Mix )
78:02Vladimír HirschDóxa
83:56SubterrestrialStrange Aeons
89:33Front Sonore Vs Durch Heer und KraftFor the sake of Peace
91:44TokageAct 1
94:27Bunkertor 105772
96:03Cousin SilasLove And Bullets For Bobby & Jack
99:11Barbarossa Umtrunk07-Barbarossa Umtrunk-Orages d'Acier
108:38Cousin SilasFlight Over Abandoned Village
111:30Cousin SilasObservation (Day 7) - Dealey Plaza
112:39Cousin SilasAbandoned Paddy Fields
113:58Roman SlavkaOn The Mechanical Road
120:27Anastasia Vronski & Ricardo AlruciniSibéria
133:41Narcotic NoiseGrowing Shadows
135:07Lezet / litmus0001claptrap7 (emptiness mix)
138:10Manuel Knapp & Tim Blechmannuntitled22
144:29Verney 182604-Verney 1826-Les Ombres, Marinette !
148:29Pablo Ribot with God PussyNasa Report
151:20C. ReiderUnderwater Plume
155:39TokageAct 3
156:56Christian Galarretametros aires
158:33Christian DoilRegentropfen
160:50Christian Galarretavoz terminal y bus
161:06Christian Galarretaespacio sonoro autogenerado
166:55Vena PortaeGenom
169:38Front SonoreThe Defeat
171:34Cajska Carlsson & Krakov LetovA Landscape Etched in Time
172:53Lingua FungiGod On The Raft Of Serpents
175:23Krispen HartungThe Ambient Wasp
180:10Billy HolidayThere Is No Greater Love

After the commonplaces of everyday life, with their muffled dramas, all my organic expertise for dealing with physical injury had long been blunted or forgotten. The crash was the only real experience I had been through for years.

- J.G. Ballard, Crash