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Dark Dream

Dark Ambient
Sadayatana Podcast #64
Average Bitrate: 148kbps mp3
Cover: Otto Magus
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Thanks to C.P. McDill for recording some of his 78s especially for Sadayatana. You'll hear one at the end of this show. C.P. McDill says:

"Recorded off a totally acoustic wind-up gramophone... a portable Phonola from the 30s, popular with picnickers and soldiers. in good shape..."

"I used to take it to Prospect Park... someone asked me to turn it down. I said 'it only has one volume: ON'..."

And to all the artists who release their music with a creative commons license: without you there is no Sadayatana. Thank you.
00:00Red AlertPart A
13:45Thanato Twist with Oleg's sound systemparadis matinal
15:42Thanato Twist with Oleg's sound systemmarche funebre
15:44Thanato Twist with Oleg's sound systemstagnant waters in G's eyes
15:54StereotronMission 1
22:59CP McDillGoat Encompasses 1
30:26CP McDillGoat Encompasses 2a
33:31Zreen ToyzThe Schnitzler Suite (incised version)
34:13CP McDillGoat Encompasses 1 (reversed)
37:30SonorefictionMox Critique
37:57Zreen ToyzThe Schnitzler Suite (incised version)
43:47Void DevilsUnknown Recording #1
47:11Leonid M. Zhest'Empty City
52:17Caerula SanguisCessation of Body
56:34Caerula SanguisThe Last Order
60:37ANGELswinghe started to couhg
63:17Rose RedThe Nephilim
75:13Cousin SilasShards Of Dark
78:14Deep DimentionIm Ambientum
81:56Anton Mobin and PlanetaldolNot Secure Space
92:46(dell.tree)100 60 690 morts
96:25razxca015 Vvveiuhc
98:45Ghost ReflectionAltar Chamber (infinite)
104:18Ryuta.kNewest Bolshevik District
108:11CosmolokaSacral Prelude
110:02Audio GourmetMagnetic Implosion
112:48Vladimír HirschPrólogos
125:08ClutterWhile My Baby Gently Sleeps
127:03CP McDillGoat Encompasses 2a (reversed)
131:16cdrxm,c, diva
131:51CP McDillGoat Encompasses 3 (reversed)
135:18cdrxm,c, diva
137:13Tribe Of AstronautsAs Cold As Space
137:41Joe FrawleySecretary in Slowmo
142:54Akashic Crow's NestAntikythera pt 2
158:21LuciftiasSuspension I: Summoning
161:47Restiveshafted by the light
165:23Bunk DataGranite Shelves
168:43cdrxTransit area
172:52cdrxleaving damascus
178:22Nina TarasovaKalinka
181:10CP McDillGoat Encompasses 3

As the night wind blows, the boughs move to and fro. The rustling, the magic rustling that brings on the dark dream.

- The Log Lady, Twin Peaks, Episode 14

Smooth Road

Dark Ambient, Chopped and Screwed
Sadayatana Podcast #63
Average Bitrate: 140kbps mp3
Cover: hipea
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At some point after moving out to Houston I heard about a genre of music called "Chopped and Screwed". I always try to burrow into whatever local scene exists. If there is not support for the local scene there is no music scene....

Ya anyway, looking forward to my first taste of "Chopped and Screwed", when I finally heard some I was sorely disappointed. It's music that sounds like you're overdosing on cough medicine ya see. What the hell is the crap? [I asked myself.]

Recently we had some joking discussion in the irc chat room during one of the shows at "what exactly is Chopped and Screwed music?" I thought well, I can maybe find some that is ambient enough to use in the show. The result is as you will hear. This is kind of related to the Witch House show I did a while back: Another Room.

Experimental. A little weird. Don't take any of this as a suggestion that it's ok to abuse cough medicine. It's not.
00:54Out Of Orion (Ox3)The Doom That Came To Sarnath
03:12Robert LaBargeUncoded 31
13:04Robert LaBargeUncoded 31
18:14Robert LaBargeUncoded 31
18:27Spencer Chicken LoveboyI Love Spencer Chicken Loveboy
19:50Robert LaBargeUncoded 31
23:47Ka-baalim & Bunk DataSix Hundred and Eleven
25:12Pretty Hemp PrincessChristina Christianly Copulating (with) Paris (CCCP)
29:45AtumTetma II
36:05The Implicit OrderCar Crash 1989
37:03fukkitolHolly Tape
38:04Saluki RegicideMechanical Mind
41:56Insect HumanEclectic Zen Storm Rotorion
58:06InfetuBlack Veil Rejection
65:02Cezary Gapik0426
69:13Obscure VisionsRoad II
73:54Mystified & Saluki RegicideRadio Transmitter
73:55Saluki RegicideTea Leaves
79:28Anime HillApproaching Gila
82:26Anime HillApproaching Gila
88:40Anime HillApproaching Gila
92:58DjinnestanBird Gears
98:56Darkened SoulWinter's Cold Stare
105:04HoarfrosTThe Smell Of Humidity
107:57Vacio Perfecto | PharmakustikMECCANISMORTE 03
116:49Front SonoreBroadcast 7-21-44
117:04Occurrences In RainDreams Of The Womb Provided A False Contentment
120:11Front SonoreAntiVivisektion
123:21KRVTinnitus Tolling
126:19EncephalousHigh Society: Mind If I Make Screw To You?
129:57Exuviae & Kenji SiratoriSpiralworld
131:29EncephalousA Mariachi Brass Section Will Always Play Dru Hill (If You Ask Nicely)
133:37Exuviae & Kenji SiratoriSpiralworld
136:11EncephalousEvery Time I Close My Eyes I Thank Michael For
137:30SamsaDevine Subconsciousness
140:21Robert LaBargeUncoded 31
143:04Pretty Hemp Princess
146:24Pretty Hemp PrincessNo...NO. The Red Bull Killed
148:54Robert LaBargeUncoded 31
150:33Backyard GhostLowlands
159:03Mika MartiniGolfo de Penas
162:36John LithiumEnter : A Soul Of Corrupted Darkness
164:46Mika MartiniCanales de Piedra y Canoas de Piel
167:12Leonid M. Zhest'KaYA (Memory & Future)
168:51Morphine Banditspirals And Lines
181:01Fats Waller And His RhythmHoneysuckle Rose
183:16Pretty Hemp PrincessUNCUT: Screw Found A Computer (And Swapped The Robitussin For Hallucinogens)

Ours is essentially a tragic age, so we refuse to take it tragically. The cataclysm has happened, we are among the ruins, we start to build up new little habitats, to have new little hopes. It is rather hard work: there is now no smooth road into the future: but we go round, or scramble over the obstacles. We've got to live, no matter how many skies have fallen.

- -- D.H. Lawrence, Lady Chatterley's Lover

Muffled Dramas

Experimental, Noise, Field Recordings
Sadayatana Podcast #62
Average Bitrate: 155kbps mp3
Cover: ssoosay
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Review at Sadayatana #62

00:00Krispen HartungThe Ambient Wasp
05:45RedSkLiquor Store Raid (Ethanol VS Blood Mix by Pollux)
08:48Christian Galarretahbtcn Bs As
10:41Vanishing PointLow Flying Aircraft
11:15Christian Galarretahbtcn Bs As
13:15John TocherTrain at Dayton South and Main
13:50Anastasia VronskiThe Blaze
16:56w.xOrbital Floor Fragment
16:59Anastasia VronskiThe Blaze
30:59Heiliges Licht & NeurokampfLichtwärts
33:48SirsCry in Silence
37:24L'Horrible PassionThe League of Nations
41:21TokageAct 2
43:44Front Sonore Vs Durch Heer und KraftSweethearts at war
46:23Pablo Ribot with God PussyHitchcock's Dream
48:49Lunar BloodThe End of Bodily Existence
50:34Cajska Carlsson & Krakov LetovA Landscape Etched in Time
54:20Doc & Lena SelyaninaSwinging In A Secret Garden
63:17Juan José Calarco, Manrico Montero, Pablo RecheEmbalse (I)
68:4612 Gates to the CityCicadas Near Old Bridge
71:25Vanishing PointCloud Sculptors Of Coral D
73:01Vanishing PointA Question Of Reentry
76:23TurmoilFormaldehyde ( Over the Edge Radio Mix )
78:02Vladimír HirschDóxa
83:56SubterrestrialStrange Aeons
89:33Front Sonore Vs Durch Heer und KraftFor the sake of Peace
91:44TokageAct 1
94:27Bunkertor 105772
96:03Cousin SilasLove And Bullets For Bobby & Jack
99:11Barbarossa Umtrunk07-Barbarossa Umtrunk-Orages d'Acier
108:38Cousin SilasFlight Over Abandoned Village
111:30Cousin SilasObservation (Day 7) - Dealey Plaza
112:39Cousin SilasAbandoned Paddy Fields
113:58Roman SlavkaOn The Mechanical Road
120:27Anastasia Vronski & Ricardo AlruciniSibéria
133:41Narcotic NoiseGrowing Shadows
135:07Lezet / litmus0001claptrap7 (emptiness mix)
138:10Manuel Knapp & Tim Blechmannuntitled22
144:29Verney 182604-Verney 1826-Les Ombres, Marinette !
148:29Pablo Ribot with God PussyNasa Report
151:20C. ReiderUnderwater Plume
155:39TokageAct 3
156:56Christian Galarretametros aires
158:33Christian DoilRegentropfen
160:50Christian Galarretavoz terminal y bus
161:06Christian Galarretaespacio sonoro autogenerado
166:55Vena PortaeGenom
169:38Front SonoreThe Defeat
171:34Cajska Carlsson & Krakov LetovA Landscape Etched in Time
172:53Lingua FungiGod On The Raft Of Serpents
175:23Krispen HartungThe Ambient Wasp
180:10Billy HolidayThere Is No Greater Love

After the commonplaces of everyday life, with their muffled dramas, all my organic expertise for dealing with physical injury had long been blunted or forgotten. The crash was the only real experience I had been through for years.

- J.G. Ballard, Crash

Glowing Window

Drone, Field Recordings, Dark Ambient
Sadayatana Podcast #61
Average Bitrate: 151kbps mp3
Cover: Monika Thorpe
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Review at Sadayatana #61

Drones mixed with almost live police and emergency service scanner feeds leading up to the New Years Eve celebration.

The scanner feeds were from major cities around the U.S.A., including Chicago, Houston, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New York and Reno.

Thank you to radio reference for providing the scanner feeds.

This show dedicated to law enforcement, fire and emergency service people everywhere.
00:00Daniel VincentTake One
00:44ClutterAnnulled Days
03:04Daniel VincentLost For Silence
03:13ClutterAnnulled Days
16:38Idle SunderData Stream
20:00L.C.B.Dalla parte del torto
21:48Electrique DreamsRising Awareness (Beyond Time)
26:33Wings Of An AngelIn This Haunted City, The Cold Suffocating Darkness Goes On Forever And I Am All Alone Against The World (Sitting By The Open Window Amidst The Godforsaken Alleys Of The Old Central Bus Station And Quietly Observing God's Eternal Madness And The Devil's Inscrutable Wisdom)
38:09saranaloving dreams like flowing streams
45:06ClutterDelay Land Sun
56:46AltusAmid Dreams
66:53ClutterAll End Sunday
81:27SeetycaDie Comoedia Von Der Zeit
89:05Jon 7adrift on a nonexistent ocean
91:58Aphotic StarfieldDroplets Like Stars In The Sky
102:13Various10 - La Guerre Des Boutons (Trap & Zoid, Djp, Boeuf Stroganoff) - 6eme sens giratoire
107:23Wings Of An AngelIn This Haunted City, The Cold Suffocating Darkness Goes On Forever And I Am All Alone Against The World (Sitting By The Open Window Amidst The Godforsaken Alleys Of The Old Central Bus Station And Quietly Observing God's Eternal Madness And The Devil's Inscrutable Wisdom)
108:04saranatriumphant victory of the mind over matter
117:00Wings Of An AngelThe Wet Stillness Of The Night Absorbs My Lifelong Escapism (Through Untouchable Landscapes Of Misleading Nocturnal Light Beams & Socially Learned Helplessness)
129:01CDRX and The Ghost Between The StringsThe Constancy Of Change I
178:01Bessie SmithFoolish Man Blues

And all that remained before us was an empty, glowing window, a rectangular hole piercing the opaque night, showing our aching eyes a world composed of lightning and dawn.

- Georges Bataille, Story of the Eye

This is a night when the woodwork squeaks.

- Disturbed Earth

This is surprisingly dark Darth.

- Palancar