Into The Sea

Drone, Electroacoustic, Sound Collage
Sadayatana Podcast #60
Average Bitrate: 159kbps mp3
Cover: gwenboul
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Show based around drone, tape loops and sound collage with crunchy and noisy ambient. Including music from Ablaze Eternal, Akoustik Timbre Frekuency, C. Reider, Daniel Maze, Darren Harper, Dave Zeal, Dementium, El Heath, Enrico Coniglio, Ergo Phizmiz, Fescal, Fugasatanae, -Ing, Kirill Platonkin, Layne Garrett, Luca Nasciuti, Lucette Bourdin, Massimo Liverani, Mas & Travis Mcalister, Mystified & The Ghost Between The Strings, Nimitz Foley, Outer Space Alliance, Palancar, Slept., Staticjack, Summons Of Shining Ruins, Sven Meyer, Tangerine Nightmare, The Ghost Between The Strings.

Listened to this four or five times during the week before releasing it. I like it. I guess it would suck if I didn't like my own show. I hope you like it too.
00:33PalancarJune 30, 2007 (The Siege of Eternity)
08:12FugaSatanaeNova Persei
15:32Enrico ConiglioGlacial Lagoon Mix
24:56StaticJackAtlantic Ocean
32:37MAS & Travis McAlisterThe room lies still during twilight
37:42EL HeathDragons Chasing Their Tails
40:53Sven MeyerNorth
45:04Layne Garrett100 Tape Loops in Rock Creek Park
51:22Massimo LiveraniLo spazio - Feat: Sjaak Overgaauw
58:13MAS & Travis McAlisterA bedtime story
60:29Daniel Maze1933
61:27Luca NasciutiElegy
68:56Daniel MazeGreys
71:21Luca NasciutiElegy
73:24Slept.Song about going somewhere else
76:18Ablaze EternalThrough Erebus And The Elysian Fields
82:11Nimitz FoleyDonamarahue
82:46c. reiderdrone 327
87:15Layne Garrett100 Tape Loops in Rock Creek Park
88:30Summons of Shining RuinsSONG 3 - DEBU
93:15MAS & Travis McAlisterFrom the end of the hallway
94:09Tangerine Nightmareanalogue Requiem
98:18Dave ZealAtomic Energy Lab
100:37PalancarJuly 8, 2006
110:25MAS & Travis McAlisterSad song for Isis
119:11Lucette BourdinMore Thick Than Rain
123:51EL HeathEpick
127:18Mystified & The Ghost Between The StringsRivers Of Midnight
132:38MAS & Travis McAlisterThe children and the sleeping saint
138:22DementiumAnother Transition
140:37Daniel MazeGlass Fingers
143:40Darren HarperA Season's Dream
147:59FescalPerfect wave
150:31Outer Space AllianceMusic for Spaceports
155:57MAS & Travis McAlisterThe world revolves around the pendulum
158:08Akoustik Timbre FrekuencySanta's Workshop (10th Cirkle Of Hell)
164:00Daniel MazeEcho Print
164:46Kirill PlatonkinMetempsychosis
167:07The Ghost Between The StringsThe Tunnel At The End Of The Light
175:45Ergo PhizmizOpen Your Head
180:11The Ghost Between The StringsThe Tunnel At The End Of The Light

A man that is born falls into a dream like a man who falls into the sea. If he tries to climb out into the air as inexperienced people endeavour to do, he drowns.

- Joseph Conrad, Lord Jim