Before His Eyes

Drone, Spoken Word, Shortwave
Sadayatana Podcast #57
Average Bitrate: 154kbps mp3
Cover: x-ray delta one
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Dark drones with spoken word samples and shortwave buzzes, snaps and snarls.

Music from Luciftias, The Ghost Between The Strings, Palancar, Stephen Philips, and Argedco Dosig g Manin.

Samples from a Rod Serling interview and from Metatheseus' "The Labyrinth of Music Theory" podcast. Also numbers stations and "shortwave espionage broadcasts" recorded by Sealord.

Stormy weather by Nata and much wailing and gnashing of teeth from Mateusz Jędrzejczak's project "Darkness And Silence".

Much cool stuff from the apparently defunct netlabel This Plague Of Dreaming. Including 900piesek, To Repel Ghosts, and The Threshold People. Love that label. Sorry it no longer seems to be running. At least the music lives on. I suppose some day the same will be said of Sadayatana. Or at least it will live on.

Some tracks include brainwave synchronization techniques. If you find yourself with a sudden craving for popcorn or wing tip shoes this might be why.

00:00MetatheseusTime I: Seconds
00:08LuciftiasElectrical Prelude
00:45LuciftiasElectrical Prelude
04:12NataStormy Weather
13:26LuciftiasWe're All Crazy Here
14:07NataStormy Weather
15:51LuciftiasNightmare: 1428
25:52LuciftiasConstant 22
28:24SadayatanaShow ID #57a
28:44LuciftiasConstant 22
31:16LuciftiasConstant 22
35:19Stephen PhilipsConstant 2
38:00Rod SerlingLassie
38:03Stephen PhilipsConstant 2
41:27Argedco Dosig g ManinSelection Eleven
47:47Darkness And Silencepart II
54:15900piesekBended World Of The Parallel Souls
61:50LuciftiasBlut und Krieg
63:21900piesekBended World Of The Parallel Souls
63:31900piesekInvisible Space Of Telekinesis
69:08MetatheseusTime I: Seconds
69:12900piesekInvisible Space Of Telekinesis
77:44To Repel GhostsQuiet Forest
86:59To Repel GhostsQuiet Forest ii
89:00To Repel GhostsIn the Trees
91:40Argedco Dosig g ManinSelection Six
95:15[Throatwobbler:Manegrove] + The Threshold PeopleWerwolf's Cure: the curse is better than the cure_RMX
97:59To Repel GhostsNightingales
102:31The Ghost Between The StringsThe Fire From Below
113:47Luciftias227 (Chorale)
116:51LuciftiasAs The World Has Never Before Seen
119:24The Ghost Between The StringsThe Fire From Below
120:18Rod SerlingFamily
120:22The Ghost Between The StringsThe Fire From Below
122:23LuciftiasProcess 51
123:31SadayatanaShow ID #57b
123:36LuciftiasProcess 51
128:30LuciftiasProcess 51
129:43Darkness And SilenceIX
129:46LuciftiasProcess 51
134:15To Repel GhostsFront Zone Reverie
135:02Stephen PhilipsConstant 2
138:36Stephen PhilipsConstant 2
140:25LuciftiasConstant 22
143:29PalancarA Profound Asymmetry
156:55LuciftiasTo Invoke Night Within The Mind (Part 2)
164:52PalancarA Profound Asymmetry
168:45Darkness And Silencepart III
176:22Billie HolidayUntil The Real Thing Comes Along
179:37LuciftiasConstant 22

That life had been one without excitement, with no adventure. It had been too safe. All the elements that made it up were right there before his eyes, and nothing new could ever be expected. It was like, he had once thought, a little plastic boat that would sail on forever, without incident, until it finally sank, which would be a secret relief to all.

- Philip K. Dick, A Scanner Darkly