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Into The Sea

Drone, Electroacoustic, Sound Collage
Sadayatana Podcast #60
Average Bitrate: 159kbps mp3
Cover: gwenboul
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Show based around drone, tape loops and sound collage with crunchy and noisy ambient. Including music from Ablaze Eternal, Akoustik Timbre Frekuency, C. Reider, Daniel Maze, Darren Harper, Dave Zeal, Dementium, El Heath, Enrico Coniglio, Ergo Phizmiz, Fescal, Fugasatanae, -Ing, Kirill Platonkin, Layne Garrett, Luca Nasciuti, Lucette Bourdin, Massimo Liverani, Mas & Travis Mcalister, Mystified & The Ghost Between The Strings, Nimitz Foley, Outer Space Alliance, Palancar, Slept., Staticjack, Summons Of Shining Ruins, Sven Meyer, Tangerine Nightmare, The Ghost Between The Strings.

Listened to this four or five times during the week before releasing it. I like it. I guess it would suck if I didn't like my own show. I hope you like it too.
00:33PalancarJune 30, 2007 (The Siege of Eternity)
08:12FugaSatanaeNova Persei
15:32Enrico ConiglioGlacial Lagoon Mix
24:56StaticJackAtlantic Ocean
32:37MAS & Travis McAlisterThe room lies still during twilight
37:42EL HeathDragons Chasing Their Tails
40:53Sven MeyerNorth
45:04Layne Garrett100 Tape Loops in Rock Creek Park
51:22Massimo LiveraniLo spazio - Feat: Sjaak Overgaauw
58:13MAS & Travis McAlisterA bedtime story
60:29Daniel Maze1933
61:27Luca NasciutiElegy
68:56Daniel MazeGreys
71:21Luca NasciutiElegy
73:24Slept.Song about going somewhere else
76:18Ablaze EternalThrough Erebus And The Elysian Fields
82:11Nimitz FoleyDonamarahue
82:46c. reiderdrone 327
87:15Layne Garrett100 Tape Loops in Rock Creek Park
88:30Summons of Shining RuinsSONG 3 - DEBU
93:15MAS & Travis McAlisterFrom the end of the hallway
94:09Tangerine Nightmareanalogue Requiem
98:18Dave ZealAtomic Energy Lab
100:37PalancarJuly 8, 2006
110:25MAS & Travis McAlisterSad song for Isis
119:11Lucette BourdinMore Thick Than Rain
123:51EL HeathEpick
127:18Mystified & The Ghost Between The StringsRivers Of Midnight
132:38MAS & Travis McAlisterThe children and the sleeping saint
138:22DementiumAnother Transition
140:37Daniel MazeGlass Fingers
143:40Darren HarperA Season's Dream
147:59FescalPerfect wave
150:31Outer Space AllianceMusic for Spaceports
155:57MAS & Travis McAlisterThe world revolves around the pendulum
158:08Akoustik Timbre FrekuencySanta's Workshop (10th Cirkle Of Hell)
164:00Daniel MazeEcho Print
164:46Kirill PlatonkinMetempsychosis
167:07The Ghost Between The StringsThe Tunnel At The End Of The Light
175:45Ergo PhizmizOpen Your Head
180:11The Ghost Between The StringsThe Tunnel At The End Of The Light

A man that is born falls into a dream like a man who falls into the sea. If he tries to climb out into the air as inexperienced people endeavour to do, he drowns.

- Joseph Conrad, Lord Jim

Sleep, Erupting

Experimental, Noise, Field Recordings
Sadayatana Podcast #59
Average Bitrate: 146kbps mp3
Cover: kruzul
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Direct URL: Sleep, Erupting
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New stuff from Akoustik Timbre Frekuency, Bruno Duplant, Christopher McFall, Playing with Nuns, and Nagual Art. Backyard Ghost, Ice Guild Kaiser and C. Reider also sneaking around in there. And a host of other broken misfit toys. Really dig the latest releases from Impulsive Habitat. I hope you do too, they are featured in a big way. My lump of coal for your stocking for this holiday season.
00:00Akoustik Timbre FrekuencyFuck Their Christcurse
07:14Stiff & ColdIn Pulp Of Darkness
14:01Ice Guild KaiserBayou Magnetics
23:59C. ReiderUnderwater Plume
32:04Backyard GhostSepulchre
37:11Christopher McFallClustal
46:26Bruno DuplantLast night I dreamed I was lost in a strange city
49:42Ice Guild KaiserJurassic Sanctuary
52:45Bruno DuplantLast night I dreamed I was lost in a strange city
54:43Ice Guild KaiserCricket Insomnia
60:16Bruno DuplantLast night I dreamed I was lost in a strange city
68:18Bruno DuplantLast night I dreamed I was lost in a strange city
68:55Ryan Gregory TallmanScrod Reign
69:42Bruno DuplantLast night I dreamed I was lost in a strange city
88:27nigula Núria a peu
91:55Collin Thomassummer.porch.night
108:30Christopher McFallArray
114:57P.asha S.P.asha S.-3 Winds
121:25Nagual ArtGesichte
127:48Nagual ArtMarienlied
131:27Nagual ArtEzechiel
133:20MehoCrvena Kutija
137:53Nagual ArtSternenlied
141:52Thanato Twist With Oleg’s Sound SystemHW Virginis
144:45+OBSCRN+Fear of space
146:20Makunouchi BentoCirces
149:58Christopher McFallEST
152:14C. ReiderControl the Message, Misdirect the Anger
157:30Heathcliff AaldrinHomicide In A Psychiatric Of Corpses
162:45Playing with nunsKounya Ourguentch
164:45Willy StamatiThe Nature of Pain
167:02c. reiderlisting airship
171:40Heathcliff AaldrinSweet Deliverance Into The Abyss
181:41Alexey KarpovZorongo Gitano
184:01nigulCan Constans

For what struck him was the terrible restlessness of the city, its desire to overthrow itself, to smash to bits and burst into new forms. The city was a fever-patient in a hospital, thrashing in it's sleep, erupting in modern dreams.

- Steven Millhauser, Martin Dressler

Machine Elves

Dark Ambient, Electroacoustic, Experimental
Sadayatana Podcast #58
Average Bitrate: 149kbps mp3
Cover: mauxuam
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We especially refer to the apparently autonomous and intelligent, chaotically mercurial and mischievous machine elves encountered in the trance state, strange teachers whose marvelous singing makes intricate toys out of the air and out of their own continually transforming body geometries.

- Terence and David McKenna, The Invisible Landscape

04:58CocktopussyIntroduction to Filth 101
11:18Loki fun Lilith + HalgrathObsidian Journey
19:07To Repel GhostsAll is Calm
21:41Playing with nunsSequences Of Lost Children
25:11Bunk DataFall on your Knees
25:22SadayatanaShow ID #58
25:27Bunk DataFall on your Knees
27:53Larry JohnsonBleak December
42:08SadayatanaShow ID #58
42:31Abre OjosAir
46:32Palancar v. mystifiedDiaphenous Oscillations
55:16Cousin SilasMarsha
57:43Rui Almeida & Nuno Miranda Ribeiroglass over water under light
64:07svart1calling you
65:37FatumstandPart 3. Communication on the plateau
69:41Snake SurikovVoices of dead children
71:46Backyard GhostNine Killed Her
76:48Last Nights of ParisI'm Dreaming
80:25AsphodelaIn the Underground (ft. Neon Lotus)
82:12CocktopussyTijuana Bible College
86:00Cyasta FractisThe Hope Is Dies Here
88:38Rigel OrionisCentrifugal
99:29SadayatanaShow ID #58
100:47Willy StamatiWhere and When?
105:24Lisa Stampfli-Svart1Calm On The Woes Of Me
108:36FatumstandPart 2. Travel to the caves
118:28FatumstandPart 1. Arrival
121:24Seetycathe invention of sorrowe
125:06DjinnestanDirty Work
130:22GothickOf Orient Are We (Three Kings)
134:15The Earth KingEntering The Cosmic Vagina
135:41CocktopussyTijuana Bible College
140:42Snake SurikovLast arrival
145:21Bunk DataAngelus Rector
149:16Saluki RegicideSwanee
153:34Rigel OrionisCentrifugal
158:07SadayatanaShow ID #58
158:53Jon 7Continent Cloud
164:06Playing with nunsWave Equation
174:40Billie HolidayAs Time Goes By
177:56Seetycathe invention of sorrowe

We especially refer to the apparently autonomous and intelligent, chaotically mercurial and mischievous machine elves encountered in the trance state, strange teachers whose marvelous singing makes intricate toys out of the air and out of their own continually transforming body geometries.

- Terence and David McKenna, The Invisible Landscape

Before His Eyes

Drone, Spoken Word, Shortwave
Sadayatana Podcast #57
Average Bitrate: 154kbps mp3
Cover: x-ray delta one
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Direct URL: Before His Eyes
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Dark drones with spoken word samples and shortwave buzzes, snaps and snarls.

Music from Luciftias, The Ghost Between The Strings, Palancar, Stephen Philips, and Argedco Dosig g Manin.

Samples from a Rod Serling interview and from Metatheseus' "The Labyrinth of Music Theory" podcast. Also numbers stations and "shortwave espionage broadcasts" recorded by Sealord.

Stormy weather by Nata and much wailing and gnashing of teeth from Mateusz Jędrzejczak's project "Darkness And Silence".

Much cool stuff from the apparently defunct netlabel This Plague Of Dreaming. Including 900piesek, To Repel Ghosts, and The Threshold People. Love that label. Sorry it no longer seems to be running. At least the music lives on. I suppose some day the same will be said of Sadayatana. Or at least it will live on.

Some tracks include brainwave synchronization techniques. If you find yourself with a sudden craving for popcorn or wing tip shoes this might be why.

00:00MetatheseusTime I: Seconds
00:08LuciftiasElectrical Prelude
00:45LuciftiasElectrical Prelude
04:12NataStormy Weather
13:26LuciftiasWe're All Crazy Here
14:07NataStormy Weather
15:51LuciftiasNightmare: 1428
25:52LuciftiasConstant 22
28:24SadayatanaShow ID #57a
28:44LuciftiasConstant 22
31:16LuciftiasConstant 22
35:19Stephen PhilipsConstant 2
38:00Rod SerlingLassie
38:03Stephen PhilipsConstant 2
41:27Argedco Dosig g ManinSelection Eleven
47:47Darkness And Silencepart II
54:15900piesekBended World Of The Parallel Souls
61:50LuciftiasBlut und Krieg
63:21900piesekBended World Of The Parallel Souls
63:31900piesekInvisible Space Of Telekinesis
69:08MetatheseusTime I: Seconds
69:12900piesekInvisible Space Of Telekinesis
77:44To Repel GhostsQuiet Forest
86:59To Repel GhostsQuiet Forest ii
89:00To Repel GhostsIn the Trees
91:40Argedco Dosig g ManinSelection Six
95:15[Throatwobbler:Manegrove] + The Threshold PeopleWerwolf's Cure: the curse is better than the cure_RMX
97:59To Repel GhostsNightingales
102:31The Ghost Between The StringsThe Fire From Below
113:47Luciftias227 (Chorale)
116:51LuciftiasAs The World Has Never Before Seen
119:24The Ghost Between The StringsThe Fire From Below
120:18Rod SerlingFamily
120:22The Ghost Between The StringsThe Fire From Below
122:23LuciftiasProcess 51
123:31SadayatanaShow ID #57b
123:36LuciftiasProcess 51
128:30LuciftiasProcess 51
129:43Darkness And SilenceIX
129:46LuciftiasProcess 51
134:15To Repel GhostsFront Zone Reverie
135:02Stephen PhilipsConstant 2
138:36Stephen PhilipsConstant 2
140:25LuciftiasConstant 22
143:29PalancarA Profound Asymmetry
156:55LuciftiasTo Invoke Night Within The Mind (Part 2)
164:52PalancarA Profound Asymmetry
168:45Darkness And Silencepart III
176:22Billie HolidayUntil The Real Thing Comes Along
179:37LuciftiasConstant 22

That life had been one without excitement, with no adventure. It had been too safe. All the elements that made it up were right there before his eyes, and nothing new could ever be expected. It was like, he had once thought, a little plastic boat that would sail on forever, without incident, until it finally sank, which would be a secret relief to all.

- Philip K. Dick, A Scanner Darkly

The White Cane

Dark Ambient, Drone, Experimental
Sadayatana Podcast #56
Average Bitrate: 158kbps mp3
Cover: x-ray delta one
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Direct URL: The White Cane
Review at Sadayatana #56
00:28LN 313Sector of Chaos (R VI)
03:35SubterrestrialSalt, Sulphur & Mercury
10:48Nagual ArtThe Garden
13:55SadayatanaShow ID #56 (Disturbed Earth Loves the Sadaytana and You and Your Loved Ones Should too)
14:22Clara Massaunderwaterbreathing_subgrind
14:48SadayatanaShow ID #56 (Disturbed Earth Loves the Sadaytana and You and Your Loved Ones Should too)
14:48Organic AnagramMortuary Rituals For The Living Dead
16:01Crash Duo & Kecap TuyulGreffes
19:43Aegri SomniaOutro
21:41Mystified with Drone WallahZZDronia
32:28Epsilon EridaniValle Del Silencio
36:26Joe FrawleyA Secret Story
39:19NodepetCyclic Defence
48:57Void DevilsUnknown Recording #1
52:10Kirill PlatonkinHeroes Of The Future
56:47Zerofication1-Traité d’athéologie
66:31Splinter vs StalinKONONOMYHOUSE of frassica
71:06Splinter vs StalinKONONOMYHOUSE of frassica
71:55PalancarNovember 21, 2007 (Underworld Carnivale)
83:02Nik XaOSOn the power of thought
88:41PalancarNovember 21, 2007 (Underworld Carnivale)
95:07WeimarMysterious Quest Of Basil Karlo
95:34Seetyca & Etheocles StevensDying Light
99:29Backyard GhostBlacklight Bible Study
111:36SadayatanaShow ID #56
111:43Clara Massaunderwaterbreathing_subgrind
115:40PalancarJuly 23, 2006 (Part One)
122:45Copal RiverDeep Turmoil, Calm Waters
125:41CDRX and Kecap TuyulFire around the fountain
139:05CDRXThe Dreamscape's Machinery
148:50Secrets of the 45Hubert's Passion Interrupted
159:44Secrets of the 45Halali
160:35Secrets of the 45Leibolmai Is A Chronic Angeronic
165:14Secrets of the 45Omnigymnospermia
169:33PulsaciumBoundless Spaces of Antarctic
174:13Mystified with Drone WallahZZDronia
178:12Edith PiafLa Goualante de Pauvre Jean (Poor People of Paris)
180:19SealordDeadCatRadio6925Usb0304z-0329z04-26-09's like a white cane and you're just feeling forward into the universe... what is it all leading toward?

- Terence McKenna