Woven of Dreams

Dark Ambient, Electroacoustic, Noise
Sadayatana Podcast #54
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Despite the fact that the whole situation was garbed in a wrapping woven of dreams, and wholly at odds with reason, it nonetheless took control of me with a despotic force. My heart became filled with the delights and pains of living in expectation. That whole night I did not sleep a single moment, as my imagination went roaming through the vastness of time that comprised past, present, and future together, drunk with the intoxication that total freedom brings.

- Naguib Mahfouz, The Time and the Place

00:00Kevin M KrebsAs Red As Rubies
01:24Anastasia VronskiThe Spell
01:28Kevin M KrebsAs Red As Rubies
12:41Anastasia VronskiThe Spell
42:55Christian DoilIm Toaster
49:04Tribe Of AstronautsThe Eleventh Grotto
55:01Radio For The DaydreamersWith Wings, You Will Learn To Fall
57:08Carlo GiordaniValle Rossa
60:26Ego Ex NihilAve, morituri te salutant
64:03DjinnestanSail of Floss
66:58Ego Ex NihilOut Of Nothing
68:06äNACRUSäLangosta Buey
68:27The Aurigami ProjectGhosts Of Irem
73:29GhostheorySwan Songs
77:21Chad McCoy111111
81:05GhostheorySwan Songs
86:48Christian DoilIm Innern Des Computers
96:33audio_zThe Avenue of Avenues
99:00The Aurigami ProjectThe Forgotten Shuhada
101:13Bas van HuizenGeneescheer
104:18Anastasia VronskiKursk
106:44Anastasia VronskiKursk
111:03Eric Bollman14th street
112:52Fabio KeinerSpherion 6
113:18Anastasia VronskiKursk
115:20ghostheorylisa stands still
119:39Christian DoilDas Leben Eines Druckers
129:41SadayatanaChinese 2
130:12Christian DoilDer Rhythmus Der Waschmaschine
130:12audio_zThe Avenue of Avenues
134:21The Aurigami ProjectThe Moon Cannot Be Stolen
137:28Chad McCoy222
137:28Kevin M KrebsAbsolutely Ignorant
143:53Massimo CroceCairo [(in)] breve
143:55Kevin M KrebsAbsolutely Ignorant
147:14Ghostheory & Tree HelicopterThe Insidious Effects of Nostalgia: Part 2
155:22Fabio KeinerHumanoid 8
168:08Giorgos StefanouHrznHue B
171:01ApollonGate Of The Sun
176:43Helen KaneI Wanna be Loved by You
179:39GhostheorySwan Songs