Womb of Night

Dark Ambient, Field Recordings
Sadayatana Podcast #53
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North like so much juicy, grey taffy. In the thickness of night, the car, all by its lonesome out there, seemed like a time machine from an evil future. Its lights were gold scalpels ripping apart the delicate womb of night, pushing forward through the viscera and allowing it to heal tightly behind it.

- Joe R. Lansdale, The Nightrunners

00:00Ann OroThree Ceramic Nuns: Music Box
00:17Peter Christopherson/CoilColour Sound Oblivion: DVD 15
09:27PulsipherApailana And Her Assailants
11:00william v newboldnoisome 1 excerpt
15:11SubterrestrialThe Whisperer in Darkness
21:34SadayatanaShow ID #53
22:27SubterrestrialThe Dreams in the Witch House
29:27eternal slavery and damnationIt's all just meat (sliced and diced mix)
30:49Bunkertor 1Einklang
32:03PolluxThomas Hewitt
40:09Shane Morris and [Q]The Descent
56:33Razing DarknessAnswered With Static
60:08SubterrestrialStrange Aeons
67:06hdUnited Psionics League
72:23Peter Christopherson/CoilColour Sound Oblivion: DVD 15
80:52Derek C. F. Pegritzfor the first time in six months
85:46dust_inlovely creatures
86:54Ice Guild KaiserCricket Insomnia
94:28Seance13Temple Ov Chaos
97:32EftosHyaluron (lofi)
100:23Juanjo PalaciosLiquerique
105:47Springtime TragedyGate
111:06Sara AyersDream Of Noise
115:08Springtime TragedyGate
115:50SadayatanaShow ID #53
115:59Springtime TragedyGate
116:29Red FogChloroform Phantom
129:32SubterrestrialThe Colour Out of Space
136:39Peter Christopherson/CoilColour Sound Oblivion: DVD 16
143:15Nathan LarsonStop and Go
149:04Peter Christopherson/CoilColour Sound Oblivion: DVD 16
151:58Bryce Beverlin IIBlack Hawk Up
157:52MZ-N710Orage 27 juillet vers 21h
161:50n.krajohnny om
162:38MZ-N710Insectes sur les hautes chaumes 15 aout vers 17h
165:22Derek C. F. Pegritzfound
168:59MZ-N710Arrivée Du
171:45Kenji Siratori feat. Tardive DyskinesiaBlack Paper
175:25Marlene DietrichFalling In Love Again (1939 version)
178:29MZ-N710Orage 26 juillet vers 18h
Show starts with a music box winding up, then rolls right into some Coil. When I saw the way the video started with the word "something" repeated and a ring of fire that pulsates I thought well... I can use that. Was going to rip the audio out from the video but it's there as flac and mp3. Ready? go!

Played most of the new release from Subterrestrial: "Dead But Dreaming". "...a dark ambient tribute to H.P. Lovecraft, a virtual soundtrack to the Cthulu Mythos. Creeping atmospheres inspired by the ancient nightmares portrayed in his fiction work..."

An excerpt from the new release by Shane Morris and [Q]: "The Descent" Really nice. Like the way the found vocal is at the edge of being perceived. You can choose to listen to what she says or just listen to it as another element of the music. Shane says: "I have many sides". Yes he does. Here is another one.

Snuck in an unreleased track from Ice Guild Kaiser. From an album inspired by Sadayatana: "Asphalt's Parakeet". This should come out on the 16th on Buddhist on Fire. It gives me a warm fuzzy. You'll have to wait for your's.