Día de los Muertos

Ritual Ambient, Dark Ambient, Spiritualism
Sadayatana Podcast #52
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The show starts with the title track from Kirill Platonkin's release "Silence is Important". Kirill said: "...the latest one (Silence Is Important) includes some experiments with throat singing...". Experiment? Success!

Had thought to do like a Halloween show with clinking and clanking and like you know. But it kind of rubbed against my ideas about dark ambient. I feel like it's a misunderstood genre in that people expect it to be creepy and dark, etc. It can be but I feel that it's a small part of the genre. A heavy thought provoking aural journey, evoking memories, places and things buried deep in the subconscious yes. Haunted house? spooky carnival? yes too but only in so far as they relate to the former.

00:00Kirill PlatonkinSilence Is Important
03:08MaelifellLa Peste 03
05:13MorpheusThe Hanged God
10:55Sara AyersNight Hounds
13:10MortesiumDream state
18:57dnepreauxlocal transmissions pt1
22:47Al Amor de la LumbreUntitled 04
24:26Ugegi Aoiveae A SerBorn of Ethereal Winds
28:56SadayatanaDean's Mom Loves Sadayatana (you should too)
29:32JD ZazieNeedlepicking
34:49Luís AnteroSandomil - Uma paisagem sonora
39:35Gliese 614Wyth Orrowre, Thei Suffere Dredfule
44:30Lee RosevereTrick Or Treat
47:38FelliriumConcrete Purgatory (Part 1)
58:17FelliriumConcrete Purgatory (Part 2)
59:39Dallas SimpsonSt Livres, Switzerland, Binaural Phonographic Documentary
70:25Sara AyersDark Dark Empty
71:52Lee RosevereTrick Or Treat
82:29LegionBurial of the Books
89:41Lee RosevereTrick Or Treat
95:23Al Amor de la LumbreHow To Destroy A Piano
95:23Al Amor de la LumbreHow To Destroy A Piano
97:25SadayatanaDean's Mom Loves Sadayatana (you should too)
101:30MorpheusAnathema/Breeding Of The Nephilim
107:06A Quiet NorwayInto A Mirror
110:57James WynessThe tree
115:13Crogman VonCraigHow Deep Is The Dark
117:58James WynessThe tree
119:43Nagual ArtA Song from F.
123:23k.m.krebsEmperor Of Cartography
126:23IDJC CrashedBetween The Firmament And Our
167:50The Implicit OrderSurface Opera 2
171:13The Implicit OrderThe Dirty River
176:18Edith PiafLa Vie en Rose
179:31Luís AnteroVale do Torno - Paisagem Sonora Fluvial

Mysterious tents were shut up here, or lying collapsed, enfolded on themselves. They appeared almost human, the former kind awake, expectant; the latter with the wrinkled crumpled aspect of men asleep, but longing even in unconsciousness to stretch their limbs. Further on at the final frontiers of the fair, it was the day of the dead indeed. Here the tent booths and galleries seemed not so much asleep as lifeless, beyond hope of revival. Yet there were faint signs of life after all, he saw.

- Malcolm Lowry, Under The Volcano