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Haunted Ruins

Dark Ambient, Drone, Electroacoustic
Sadayatana Podcast #55
Average Bitrate: 153kbps mp3
Cover: gwenboul
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Review at Sadayatana #55 knight and maiden meeting to exchange vows amongst haunted ruins. The starlight was good enough for that story, a light so faint and remote that it cannot resolve shadows into shapes, and show the other shore of a stream. I did look upon the stream that night and from the very place; it rolled silent and as black as Styx: the next day I went away, but I am not likely to forget what it was she wanted to be saved from when she entreated him to leave her while there was time. She told me what it was, calmed—she was now too passionately interested for mere excitement—in a voice as quiet in the obscurity as her white half-lost figure. She told me, "I didn't want to die weeping."

- Joseph Conrad, Lord Jim

00:00Luis AnteroO Colecionador de Sons_Emissao 40_2011.11.21 (excerpt)
01:46SamsaDawn Key
05:38Ashlesha IXDivine ( Mix )
12:45Willy StamatiMaggot Rain
19:38Darkness And SilenceReality Is Only An Illusion
25:48FoselA Spectrum Of Behavior (Km Krebs Remix)
35:15Elias MerinoSelf coloured
39:00Saluki RegicideWhere Cobwebs Come From
43:06Obscure VisionsYou Have Gone
46:32SadayatanaShow ID #55
47:19LuciftiasSuspension VII: The Tenth Key
51:02Nik XaOSSpace
54:41Obscure VisionsNew Visions
55:59The Secret ArtDente (amarus)
58:37Glass BoxLetter Ghost
65:01Alex MooreAralkum
76:44Vsevolod Botvinnik (Timoneus)Fall Near Window Of Hollow Temple
99:15Elias MerinoWaiting for liar
109:02Alan Morse DaviesPhonautograph 1860
118:22Ownsi LensePain
124:16Kirill PlatonkinSinging Aerials
139:02Joe FrawleyI think it was
150:09SadayatanaShow ID #55
150:45rngmnnjag tände en eld i det mörka krypta
155:22Ego Ex NihilAve, morituri te salutant
165:39Felipe BarbosaCartílagos
176:12Django ReinhardtConfessin'
179:00Luis AnteroO Colecionador de Sons_Emissao 40_2011.11.21

Woven of Dreams

Dark Ambient, Electroacoustic, Noise
Sadayatana Podcast #54
Average Bitrate: 157kbps mp3
Cover: Pat McDonald
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Review at Sadayatana #54

Despite the fact that the whole situation was garbed in a wrapping woven of dreams, and wholly at odds with reason, it nonetheless took control of me with a despotic force. My heart became filled with the delights and pains of living in expectation. That whole night I did not sleep a single moment, as my imagination went roaming through the vastness of time that comprised past, present, and future together, drunk with the intoxication that total freedom brings.

- Naguib Mahfouz, The Time and the Place

00:00Kevin M KrebsAs Red As Rubies
01:24Anastasia VronskiThe Spell
01:28Kevin M KrebsAs Red As Rubies
12:41Anastasia VronskiThe Spell
42:55Christian DoilIm Toaster
49:04Tribe Of AstronautsThe Eleventh Grotto
55:01Radio For The DaydreamersWith Wings, You Will Learn To Fall
57:08Carlo GiordaniValle Rossa
60:26Ego Ex NihilAve, morituri te salutant
64:03DjinnestanSail of Floss
66:58Ego Ex NihilOut Of Nothing
68:06äNACRUSäLangosta Buey
68:27The Aurigami ProjectGhosts Of Irem
73:29GhostheorySwan Songs
77:21Chad McCoy111111
81:05GhostheorySwan Songs
86:48Christian DoilIm Innern Des Computers
96:33audio_zThe Avenue of Avenues
99:00The Aurigami ProjectThe Forgotten Shuhada
101:13Bas van HuizenGeneescheer
104:18Anastasia VronskiKursk
106:44Anastasia VronskiKursk
111:03Eric Bollman14th street
112:52Fabio KeinerSpherion 6
113:18Anastasia VronskiKursk
115:20ghostheorylisa stands still
119:39Christian DoilDas Leben Eines Druckers
129:41SadayatanaChinese 2
130:12Christian DoilDer Rhythmus Der Waschmaschine
130:12audio_zThe Avenue of Avenues
134:21The Aurigami ProjectThe Moon Cannot Be Stolen
137:28Chad McCoy222
137:28Kevin M KrebsAbsolutely Ignorant
143:53Massimo CroceCairo [(in)] breve
143:55Kevin M KrebsAbsolutely Ignorant
147:14Ghostheory & Tree HelicopterThe Insidious Effects of Nostalgia: Part 2
155:22Fabio KeinerHumanoid 8
168:08Giorgos StefanouHrznHue B
171:01ApollonGate Of The Sun
176:43Helen KaneI Wanna be Loved by You
179:39GhostheorySwan Songs

Womb of Night

Dark Ambient, Field Recordings
Sadayatana Podcast #53
Average Bitrate: 150kbps mp3
Cover: Sarah G...
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Review at Sadayatana #53

North like so much juicy, grey taffy. In the thickness of night, the car, all by its lonesome out there, seemed like a time machine from an evil future. Its lights were gold scalpels ripping apart the delicate womb of night, pushing forward through the viscera and allowing it to heal tightly behind it.

- Joe R. Lansdale, The Nightrunners

00:00Ann OroThree Ceramic Nuns: Music Box
00:17Peter Christopherson/CoilColour Sound Oblivion: DVD 15
09:27PulsipherApailana And Her Assailants
11:00william v newboldnoisome 1 excerpt
15:11SubterrestrialThe Whisperer in Darkness
21:34SadayatanaShow ID #53
22:27SubterrestrialThe Dreams in the Witch House
29:27eternal slavery and damnationIt's all just meat (sliced and diced mix)
30:49Bunkertor 1Einklang
32:03PolluxThomas Hewitt
40:09Shane Morris and [Q]The Descent
56:33Razing DarknessAnswered With Static
60:08SubterrestrialStrange Aeons
67:06hdUnited Psionics League
72:23Peter Christopherson/CoilColour Sound Oblivion: DVD 15
80:52Derek C. F. Pegritzfor the first time in six months
85:46dust_inlovely creatures
86:54Ice Guild KaiserCricket Insomnia
94:28Seance13Temple Ov Chaos
97:32EftosHyaluron (lofi)
100:23Juanjo PalaciosLiquerique
105:47Springtime TragedyGate
111:06Sara AyersDream Of Noise
115:08Springtime TragedyGate
115:50SadayatanaShow ID #53
115:59Springtime TragedyGate
116:29Red FogChloroform Phantom
129:32SubterrestrialThe Colour Out of Space
136:39Peter Christopherson/CoilColour Sound Oblivion: DVD 16
143:15Nathan LarsonStop and Go
149:04Peter Christopherson/CoilColour Sound Oblivion: DVD 16
151:58Bryce Beverlin IIBlack Hawk Up
157:52MZ-N710Orage 27 juillet vers 21h
161:50n.krajohnny om
162:38MZ-N710Insectes sur les hautes chaumes 15 aout vers 17h
165:22Derek C. F. Pegritzfound
168:59MZ-N710Arrivée Du
171:45Kenji Siratori feat. Tardive DyskinesiaBlack Paper
175:25Marlene DietrichFalling In Love Again (1939 version)
178:29MZ-N710Orage 26 juillet vers 18h
Show starts with a music box winding up, then rolls right into some Coil. When I saw the way the video started with the word "something" repeated and a ring of fire that pulsates I thought well... I can use that. Was going to rip the audio out from the video but it's there as flac and mp3. Ready? go!

Played most of the new release from Subterrestrial: "Dead But Dreaming". "...a dark ambient tribute to H.P. Lovecraft, a virtual soundtrack to the Cthulu Mythos. Creeping atmospheres inspired by the ancient nightmares portrayed in his fiction work..."

An excerpt from the new release by Shane Morris and [Q]: "The Descent" Really nice. Like the way the found vocal is at the edge of being perceived. You can choose to listen to what she says or just listen to it as another element of the music. Shane says: "I have many sides". Yes he does. Here is another one.

Snuck in an unreleased track from Ice Guild Kaiser. From an album inspired by Sadayatana: "Asphalt's Parakeet". This should come out on the 16th on Buddhist on Fire. It gives me a warm fuzzy. You'll have to wait for your's.

Día de los Muertos

Ritual Ambient, Dark Ambient, Spiritualism
Sadayatana Podcast #52
Average Bitrate: 150kbps mp3
Cover: silviaorta
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Direct URL: Día de los Muertos
Review at Sadayatana #52

The show starts with the title track from Kirill Platonkin's release "Silence is Important". Kirill said: "...the latest one (Silence Is Important) includes some experiments with throat singing...". Experiment? Success!

Had thought to do like a Halloween show with clinking and clanking and like you know. But it kind of rubbed against my ideas about dark ambient. I feel like it's a misunderstood genre in that people expect it to be creepy and dark, etc. It can be but I feel that it's a small part of the genre. A heavy thought provoking aural journey, evoking memories, places and things buried deep in the subconscious yes. Haunted house? spooky carnival? yes too but only in so far as they relate to the former.

00:00Kirill PlatonkinSilence Is Important
03:08MaelifellLa Peste 03
05:13MorpheusThe Hanged God
10:55Sara AyersNight Hounds
13:10MortesiumDream state
18:57dnepreauxlocal transmissions pt1
22:47Al Amor de la LumbreUntitled 04
24:26Ugegi Aoiveae A SerBorn of Ethereal Winds
28:56SadayatanaDean's Mom Loves Sadayatana (you should too)
29:32JD ZazieNeedlepicking
34:49Luís AnteroSandomil - Uma paisagem sonora
39:35Gliese 614Wyth Orrowre, Thei Suffere Dredfule
44:30Lee RosevereTrick Or Treat
47:38FelliriumConcrete Purgatory (Part 1)
58:17FelliriumConcrete Purgatory (Part 2)
59:39Dallas SimpsonSt Livres, Switzerland, Binaural Phonographic Documentary
70:25Sara AyersDark Dark Empty
71:52Lee RosevereTrick Or Treat
82:29LegionBurial of the Books
89:41Lee RosevereTrick Or Treat
95:23Al Amor de la LumbreHow To Destroy A Piano
95:23Al Amor de la LumbreHow To Destroy A Piano
97:25SadayatanaDean's Mom Loves Sadayatana (you should too)
101:30MorpheusAnathema/Breeding Of The Nephilim
107:06A Quiet NorwayInto A Mirror
110:57James WynessThe tree
115:13Crogman VonCraigHow Deep Is The Dark
117:58James WynessThe tree
119:43Nagual ArtA Song from F.
123:23k.m.krebsEmperor Of Cartography
126:23IDJC CrashedBetween The Firmament And Our
167:50The Implicit OrderSurface Opera 2
171:13The Implicit OrderThe Dirty River
176:18Edith PiafLa Vie en Rose
179:31Luís AnteroVale do Torno - Paisagem Sonora Fluvial

Mysterious tents were shut up here, or lying collapsed, enfolded on themselves. They appeared almost human, the former kind awake, expectant; the latter with the wrinkled crumpled aspect of men asleep, but longing even in unconsciousness to stretch their limbs. Further on at the final frontiers of the fair, it was the day of the dead indeed. Here the tent booths and galleries seemed not so much asleep as lifeless, beyond hope of revival. Yet there were faint signs of life after all, he saw.

- Malcolm Lowry, Under The Volcano