Black City

Experimental, Dark Ambient, Sound Collage
Sadayatana Podcast #51
Average Bitrate: 156kbps mp3
Cover: Maxx & Lili
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Some tracks from the new Joe Frawley release: "Curious Perspectives". Love his music. Thanks for making it Joe.

Excerpt from an unreleased track from Disturbed Earth, Shane Morris, and Kirill Platonkin: "Rolling Stock". Very cool. Play this some more when it comes out. Hopefully on Buddhist on Fire. Hehe.

Red Fog's "Memory Of The Ferrofluids" --oh man those water samples. So groovy.

Thanks to Shane Morris for providing many of the shortwave samples used.

Thanks also to Dean Richards aka Disturbed Earth for the professional show id voiceover. I will be playing it more in future. When not otherwise occupied with Disneyland, Nascar, Monster Trucks or midget wrestling.
00:00ithinkimissyou / erratashortwave snippets #3
00:29Dave Howes / The Implicit Order / MystifiedRomeoAlpha / Numbers Station / Bifurcation
10:49Disturbed EarthDisturbed Earth Loves Sadayatana (you should too)
11:25Joe FrawleyDeparture / Dark geometry
16:40Shane MorrisShortwave Sample 6
17:15Giorgio Riccitxc 2.5
20:04Shane MorrisShortwave Sample 7
20:32w.x & thescientistHazardous Materials
25:42Joxfield ProjeX01 - Investigation
27:49Red FogMemory Of The Ferrofluids
42:13Shane MorrisShortwave Sample 14
42:36Backyard GhostThe Darkest Path
45:57Backyard GhostFree Range
52:36Disturbed Earth, Shane Morris, Kirill PlatonkinRolling Stock
59:49ithinkimissyou / erratashortwave snippets #3
60:42Joe Frawley (Rachel Rambach, vocals)Angel Box Two
61:56Joe FrawleyGhost in the mirror
65:03Sleep ClinicThe Mute Unconscious Speaks It's First Words
73:48Red FogFrostar
79:38saranakartan ala
87:29Sleeping On Lotus AshesDeconstruction Of Geronimo's Cortex
102:25Shane MorrisShortwave Sample 29
106:14Kirill PlatonkinTamer Of Magnetic Storms
111:34Giorgio Riccitxc 13.5
114:40Martin BackesObfuzzcation
119:50Shane MorrisShortwave Sample 4
120:33AtcivReruns from Sag A*
124:08omaraatmospheres 3
124:33Disturbed EarthDisturbed Earth Loves Sadayatana (you should too)
125:08Sam SquarewaveTaps a Lullabye
125:11omaraatmospheres 3
128:49ithinkimissyou / erratashortwave snippets #3
129:42Sleep ClinicTelevision Sky
135:55Joe FrawleyLost frescoes
139:34George ChristianAlien Tune
144:3702 George Christian (with Tod Shelton)Unrecognizable Fantasy I
148:40ithinkimissyou / erratashortwave snippets #3
151:07Tree HelicopterCount Control Control
154:34Shane MorrisShortwave Sample 1
154:56Shane MorrisShortwave Sample 2
155:17Shane MorrisShortwave Sample 3
155:34Swaying SmokeIll Consequences
158:33The Implicit OrderNumbers Station Reprise
160:30Sleep ClinicHigh Above A Frozen Steppe
165:16Joe FrawleyArtificial magic
169:39Joe FrawleyTiresias' walk
174:00Joe FrawleyYes, please, yes
175:51Joe FrawleyTouch
177:59Arvid AsplundDu är min ro

His ears were growing sensitive to a preternatural and intolerable degree, and he had long ago stopped the cheap mantel clock whose ticking had come to seem like a thunder of artillery. At night the subtle stirring of the black city outside, the sinister scurrying of rats in the wormy partitions, and the creaking of hidden timbers in the centuried house, were enough to give him a sense of strident pandernonium. The darkness always teemed with unexplained sound -- and yet he sometimes shook with fear lest the noises he heard should subside and allow him to hear certain other fainter noises which he suspected were lurking behind them.

- H.P. Lovecraft, Dreams in the Witch-House