Sleeping Mind

Dark Ambient, Experimental, Soundscapes
Sadayatana Podcast #48
Average Bitrate: 155kbps mp3
Cover: an untrained eye
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Focusing on preproduction lately. Changing the way the music is pulled together. Kind of a transitional show. A mix of old and new.

Finally got the permission thing squared away with The Implicit Order. I can play anything he puts out now. Thank you Implicit Order.

A track from the new Mystified release from Dark Winter. Love that cover.

Played a bunch of dark tracks from the DNA Production netlabel. So much good stuff there.

A few noisy tracks from Macedonian netlabel Shkart. Good stuff that. More later.

Mixed some tracks from Crypt Designers Guild. How can you go wrong with names like Lucas Darklord & Black Math?

Field recordings from various places. Among them Green Field Recordings, Wandering Ear, Loopool Field Recordings.

Thanks to Shane Morris for various shortwave samples.
00:00XhephaInvocation (intro)
01:17Shane MorrisShortwave Sample
01:19The Implicit OrderThe Honey Island Swamp Monster
04:59Loopool / Jean-Paul GarnierGrand Central Market
05:46Epsilon EridaniWhere Once Poe Walked
08:37SunDummyRed Waves of Tidal Siam
13:43Materia ConfusaDeadeye (excerpt)
15:29ExcelsiorIce Lakes
20:21ZvucicachUvojna - 13
20:58Epsilon EridaniImmer Schnee In Silenzio
21:00Epsilon EridaniImmer Schnee In Silenzio
25:07JM CharcotJM Charcot - de Bruxelles à Niévroz, septembre 2006
26:38Leonid M. Zhest'Empty City
33:02C1-117Radioactive Dust (feat. The Ink Spots)
37:00Xalm RetributionGraveyard
41:47MetekC40 For Enemata
45:16MystifiedDangerous Cycles
51:13Inner StruggleThoughts About Future
51:14ZvucicachUvojna - 9
52:20the beige channelzweiten
59:33Epsilon EridaniExil Von Kurt Weill Nach Paris
61:34Mz-N710Arrivée Du Train
62:02Epsilon EridaniExil Von Kurt Weill Nach Paris
63:58Der BrotmannUrsae Majoris B Moons
67:26FornaxUFO Presence [Interior Disposition Remix]
70:51SamsaLone Star
71:26System MorgueLes Champs Lumineux
77:27Massimo CroceCairo [(in)] breve
83:32Massimo CroceCairo [(in)] breve
85:50Zreen ToyzDisturbed Zoos At Phase One
91:11SamsaForward Music
92:29Zreen ToyzDisturbed Zoos At Phase Two
98:02ZvucicachUvojna - 4
100:23Thelmo CristovamField Recordings 05
102:58Lucas Darklord & Black MathListening
108:18Lucas DarklordBy Their Bloated Hands
113:16Seren FforddWings, then Hammers
134:13Massimo CroceCairo [(in)] breve
137:10Xalm RetributionThe Wind Placed Under The Door Of A Child's Room
141:45TzesneParte I
144:01Matthew SansomBlue Mosque Azhan (excerpt)
145:30TzesneParte I
149:58Lori Beckstead & Dave RoseDawnchorus
151:11TzesneParte I
154:18DOOOMLimbic Psyance (Static Noise)
161:58Kirill PlatonkinDr. Hofmann's Bicycle Ride
164:37The Implicit OrderMurder In Homeroom
169:41Seetycatodt im wald
172:49Claudio CurciottiThe Magrheb
173:56Exuviae & Kenji SiratoriVital Storage
178:37Mississippi John HurtNobody's Dirty Business (1928)

What actually happens on the level of our unconscious minds when, within minutes on the same TV screen, a prime minister is assassinated, an actress makes love, an injured child is carried from a car crash? Faced with these charged events, prepackaged emotions already in place, we can only stitch together a set of emergency scenarios, just as our sleeping minds extemporize a narrative from the unrelated memories that veer through the cortical night.

- J.G. Ballard, The Atrocity Exhibition