Another Room

Experimental, Ritual Ambient, Witch House
Sadayatana Podcast #46
Average Bitrate: 146kbps mp3
Cover: kavehkhkh
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Review at Sadayatana #46

One of the more experimental shows --with the occasional beat. Sort of an audio investigation of the ambient side of "witch house". According to Wikipedia Witch House "...features a fusion of techniques rooted in Swishahouse hip-hop -- sluggish tempo with skipping, stop-timed beats -- coupled with elements from genres such as noise, drone, and shoegaze."

A semi disastrous show this one. I was playing for two hours without actually being connected to the stream. The tags where being updated, so it kind of looked like I was playing but the music heard was from the automation at I discovered this by connecting and listening to the stream. Hey that's not me! So I basically started over at the midnight hour and ran till 3 am.

Some night owl listeners actually stuck around for the whole show. Night owls and listeners in Australia, Russia, etc. A late night, but the show must go on...
02:35Josef NadekYaji Ash-Shuthath
06:29ki††y c▲ttake me away, midnight car
09:21En CadenasCries from the Sanatorium
12:52Cat Pain Black Udder048
13:53Aurelio CampomanesC115 Km 10,7
17:28UjjayaThe master of crossroad
22:05InsektThe End of The Show
31:05Anton Mobin, Ayato, Murmurists,
Victor Jorge, Kortane Cortex, DMC, Kecap Tuyul
Comme si c'était un merle
34:58Francesco LenziLa Mia Paura Pura
38:12Famous Classical SoliloquiesSpår 01
46:43Lázaro ResucitadoWasps
50:38El GolpistaPopulations Of Xenophiophores
50:38KWOLARetheo gn
62:47John LithiumEncounter : No Easy Answers Or Choices
67:40WzgardaLet's put a smile on that face
70:20JazznoizeIberia 2.1
72:15Famous Classical SoliloquiesSpår 06
72:49John LithiumEnter : A Soul Of Corrupted Darkness
75:13NOX 210Opening The Portal (Rite Phase II)
77:44Christopher McFallCrooked Site Winding
82:41En CadenasSubliminal Religion
83:41Cousin SilasFrom A Dark Lighthouse Parts 1, 2, 3
86:28Popular 66La noche del gusano Palolo
90:02Lázaro ResucitadoWasps
93:53Bash NovaHeart
97:10Famous Classical SoliloquiesSpår 03
98:08John LithiumBanishment : Into The Wild
103:32Faustino GoyenaIsis Unveiled
117:51Faustino GoyenaIsis Unveiled
120:52Christopher McFallExquisite Sender
125:34En CadenasIn The Depths of the Illusion
131:37Anastasia VronskiThe Spell
134:36StuzhaDeti Podzemelya
140:20Bash NovaWet Roads At Night
144:11Bash NovaFilter This
147:11HypnozDomain of Monochrome Rainbow
152:43JazznoizeIberia 2.1
158:40KWOLARgs ae e't
169:46Famous Classical SoliloquiesSpår 02
170:51w.xThe Evolutionary Loop
175:13Billie HolidayLover Man
178:39J. S. BachHosanna B-minor Mass

When I had somewhat recovered from the dazing effect of the transition from uproar to silence, my first impulse was to reopen the door which I had closed, and from the knob of which I was not conscious of having removed my hand; I felt it distinctly, still in the clasp of my fingers. My notion was to ascertain by stepping again into the storm whether I had been deprived of sight and hearing. I turned the doorknob and pulled open the door. It led into another room!

- Ambrose Bierce, The Spook House