Great Drifting Ship

Dark Ambient, Experimental, Noise, Field Recordings
Sadayatana Podcast #45
Average Bitrate: 150kbps mp3
Cover: Michael Dawes
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Review at Sadayatana #45

Starting with a Bach mashup by Cine Victoria & Muniagurria. It sounds like a bunch of audio gear in an old theater all playing various Bach tunes at the same time. This mixes into some Bach I stretched out myself.

An experimental track off Joe Frawley's soundcloud page. Thank you Joe. Very nice. Looking forward to the eventual release.

James Alaska and Tristan Shorr "Abisalle glick". A piece created in "a disused cinema in Erlangen, Bavaria" "...fragments of sound were taken from locally sourced vinyl, L.P.'s, cassettes and gramophone records..." So good. I had to play all 40 minutes of it. I really admire Impulsive Habitat. Very consistent high quality.

And the usual Sadayatana stuff...
00:00Cine Victória + MuniagurriaBachiana
01:35J. S. BachHosanna B-minor Mass
16:37Rodrigo Avellar de MuniagurriaCoerção
21:20äNACRUSäOruga Sapo
34:02PolluxStygian Shock
42:22SonoreFictionThe Machinist
46:08(dell.tree)In Somnus 2
54:35Rodrigo Avellar de MuniagurriaCaminho Exponencial
58:12Joe FrawleyTiresias' Walk
66:37James Alaska, Tristan ShorrAbisalle glick
107:02The Musk-rat Cultcryptomnesia (the ascension)
111:42Zreen ToyzWalking Of Velocipedes
116:26The Musk-rat Cultthe streets of crocodiles (cinnamon shops II)
121:38AuzelNarrow Stairway made of Stone
122:13Master ToadMessenger of Lucid Sleep
123:17ATERHas No Time
127:59Isoleren LawaaiZender
130:26Noise ResearchMovement Towards (Soundtrack)
137:24Microbit ProjectDarkness Exhalation
139:25AuzelHidden Tapestry
140:33MoonsugarRitual Artistry
144:12w.x and MystifiedInstinctive Reflex
148:52Necrodome Inc.L'Age De Démence
156:33NigulLa Casa De Colònies
159:26äNACRUSäExtraño pájaro
164:30Juan Antonio NietoA Starry Ring
171:29Argedco Dosig g ManinSelection Two
174:54Bob Wills & The Carolina Cotton BandYou Always Keep Me In Hot Water

Wasn't it just a storybook over which I had fallen adoze and adream? No; it was a big, ugly, antique, but convenient house, embodying a few features of a building still older, half-replaced and half-utilized, in which I had the fancy of our being almost as lost as a handful of passengers in a great drifting ship. Well, I was, strangely, at the helm!

- Henry James, The Turn of the Screw